Coats Beautiful Homepage

The best website designs are visual journeys.

They create experiences for users and if executed correctly, experiences that they will get at no other website.

Coats is a company that creates automotive threads for high performance vehicles with intricate interior detailing. The company employs over 19,000 people in 70 countries.

The homepage shows the 2017 website design trend of cinematic experiences.

A full-page width call-to-action features a gold coats symbol with iconic brand messaging: It's all in the details.

A video background highlights the ravishing detail of coats automotive interiors.

Playing the video takes the user into a cinematic brand video with classical uplifting symphonies, highlighting Coats products.

The cinematic background video trend began in 2015 and still continues today. It is for good reason. Results.

Users are engaged by cinematic background videos and stay on the website longer than those without the feature. The end result is an immersive user experience that marries imagination with intrigue.

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Coats Beautiful Portfolio

As the user scrolls down the page, they are taken to a table of contents.

Intricate Coats golden sphere circles encompass numbers that are in white font. Two sub-categories at the top left allow the user to learn more about the coats history or contact them.

This slider is simple and the high-quality photographs denote the sophistication of the brand.

Less is more.

Coats Beautiful About Page

The 'about' page is a white background with gold text and black lettering that combine to deliver a minimalistic experience.

A brand copy message features a golden button for the user to learn more. It presents itself as a ticket to the next journey of the Coats experience.

Curiosity and creativity create rich and immersive user experiences. The Coats website design continues the 2015 background video website design trend by perfecting it.

Gold and black colors create a unified website theme. 

The homepage contains three modules, and that is more than enough because of the video components.

This website is outstanding and worthy of the leading automotive interior powerhouse that is the Coats brand.

Coats is a beautiful website design in the Fashion & Beauty and Manufacturing industries.

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