UMATEX Group Amazing Homepage

UMATEX Group is a Russian-based manufacturing company that specializes in creating fiber and carbon fiber made in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The home page opens to highly vivid and moving imagery, depicting the inside of some of the company’s workings to give users an idea of what the company looks like both inside and out.

UMATEX Group Amazing Website Design

To make UMATEX Group’s information easy to access, the site design presents users with three options for navigation.

UMATEX Group’s home page acts as an above-the-fold option, allowing viewers the ability to easily scroll down through each section. The home page also presents a sidebar menu that lays out each section for the user to click on. The sidebar menu redirects consumers to specific additional pages, where they can dive into each new area of information. At the top of the home page, viewers are also given the option to pull up a full drop-down menu. Inside the drop-down menu, each website section and their subcategories are listed.

UMATEX Group Amazing News Page

With its rich cultural background, UMATEX Group offers multilingual versions of the website, accessible within the home page. Users are also given access to numerous multilingual articles that continuously update about the going-ons inside the company and how UMATEX Group makes the news.

UMATEX Group Amazing Website Design

UMATEX Group’s website design utilizes a wide array of rotating animations and crisp images to capture the sleek and professional manner adopted by the company itself.

UMATEX Group Amazing Website Design

UMATEX Group gives viewers a wide variety of options to contact the company. Clicking on one of the the company email addresses opens up a modal window that uses the viewer’s personal email. When the company’s physical address is clicked, a different modal window will open Google Maps to display where UMATEX Group is located.

Every page of the website also contains a hyperlink that opens up the UMATEX Facebook page, giving users direct access to the company’s social media account.

UMATEX Group is an amazing website design in the Aerospace, Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology industries.