Fuoripista website home page bold typography screenshot

Large, Bold Typography Makes A Clear Statement  

Exceeding expectations is a goal every website should strive for. The Fuoripista website accomplishes this with creative design solutions and unusual website flow.  

Bold typography is one of the website's strongest elements. Placed in the central part of the hero section, it demands attention and makes a clear statement. 

Theres a mix between sans-serif font and a script font, as well as a mix between all caps and lowercase copy. The mixture creates an aesthetically appealing experience  

The large letters and the color contrast enhance visual appeal, while punchy copy adds to the distinctive flow of Fuoripista’s website.

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Fuoripista website classy photo screenshot

Classy Photographs Bring Sophisticated Details To The Front Of Fuoripista’s Website 

Scrolling down from the hero section doesn’t take users down the page. Instead, every scroll movement opens a new image from the slider, representing one of Fuoripista's products.  

For each product – named BIKE, TUO and MIA – there is a stylish, high-quality photograph that fills the above-the-fold area.  

Catchy, concise copy appears in the center of the page, but it takes a secondary role in this part of the website. The letters are smaller, moving the classy images to the focal point of the page. 

Macro shots, dark tones with flashes of light and exceptional attention to detail emerge from each photo to intensify the sophisticated style of Fuoripista's products.  

These elements also strengthen the luxurious feel of the website, making it strongly distinctive from other wellness industry websites.

Fuoripista website horizontal scroll screenshot

Unusual Horizontal Scrolling Creates A Dynamic Website Flow  

Horizontal scrolling can often be distracting and hard to follow, but when it’s done correctly, it can be an extraordinary addition to web design elements 

The horizontal scroll on Fuoripista’s website is certainly done right – it makes the scrolling experience enjoyable and adds an engaging element to the pages.

With an excellent balance between interchanging images, videos, typography, interactive elements and copy, the horizontal scroll guides users through pages in an easy-going fashion. 

This effect creates a dynamic browsing experience and calls for further website exploration.

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Fuoripista website interactive product features screenshot

Classy Product Feature Icons Emphasize Interactive Design Elements 

Fuoripistas website includes specifically designed interactive elements to expand on the features of each product. 

For every product feature, there is a custom-made golden icon along with a short explanation of the feature. If customers want to learn more, they can expand explanations by clicking on the “+” buttons on product images. 

These feature icons, along with other calls-to-action (CTAs) appear in a stylish golden hue — a stark color contrast to the black and white elements across the pages.

Fuoripista website menu screenshot

The Creative Pop-Up Menu Elevates User Experience 

Scrolling through Fuoripista’s website, enjoying the compelling images and engaging with interactive elements on the page is a pleasurable yet possibly time-consuming experience. 

If a visitor wants to find information quickly, there is also a “Menu” button easily accessible from the upper right corner of the page. 

After clicking the button, a creative pop-up menu appears, spanning throughout the whole page.  

Large, highly distinctive product names on the left provide easy access to product pages while the pages “Project,” “Stories” and “Philosophy” help visitors learn more about Fuoripista. 

In the lower right corner, there are additional pages – “News,” “Press,” “FAQ” and “Download” – to provide more information about project news, excerpts from the press, technical sheets and graphic brochures for Fuoripista products.    

This is another creative web design solution that elevates user experience and makes the information architecture well-aligned with the content hierarchy.

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Fuoripista website audio messages screenshot

Audio Messages And Video Testimonials Tell A Story Behind The Fuoripista Project From A Unique Perspective 

Another creative addition to Fuoripista's website includes audio stories from designers, managers and other people behind the Fuoripista project, as well as video testimonials from customers.  

As Daniele and Gabriele Adriano, designers behind the Fuoripista project, explain in one of their messages:  

“(This is) a new way of thinking of a workout device  no longer just for gyms  so appealing that it becomes a piece of furniture, for a lifestyle concept tied to well-being.” 

This is a remarkable way to tell the brand story from a unique perspective. Instead of crafting a standard "About" page, Fuoripista takes website visitors on an audio-visual journey to guide them through the project.

What is Fuoripista? 

Fuoripista is a joint project of the Adriano Design studio and cycling company Elite. After two years of research, development, design and craftsmanship, Fuoripista products were presented to the world.  

The Fuoripista products are:  

  • BIKE: a one-of-a-kind stationary training bike hand-crafted in wood, steel and glass 
  • TUO: an interactive, wheel-on home trainer for indoor workouts  
  • MIA: a plastic-free, reusable bottle made out of stainless steel 

“The Fuoripista by Adriano Design is one wild ride.” This is how the popular portal Design Milk describes Fuoripista's innovative products.

And that’s exactly what we could say about Fuoripista's website. It takes users on "one wild ride" through unconventionally designed pages. 

This website is an excellent representation of the Fuoripista project. It tells a brand story in an original way. It's bold, it's unique and it's highly engaging.

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