Digital Visitor Amazing Homepage

Digital Visitor is a self described “Social-First” agency that harnesses the power of digital communities to maximize the results of their designs. Their business focuses on the intersection of design and web culture, and through this, produce highly viral content on a regular basis.

To attract the right client, they need a site whose design says a couple of things. They need to appear young to lend credibility to their social media mastery. They need to appear technically adept to justify their claim to comprehensive digital design. Lastly, they need to seem professional to encourage businesses to invest in their services.

The power of this home page is that its design meets all three of these criterias. The Pacman motif in the hero header makes them seem young and fun, while the multimedia graphic interface demonstrates their technical mastery. Lastly, the photo of the two people working hard says to prospective clients that, “despite our youth and energy, we take care of business”.

Digital Visitor Amazing Menu Design

This menu is again an example of how they use design to evoke their company’s critical platforms. The smoothness and dynamic motion of the menu animation shows that they know how to build a textured and fluid site. Meanwhile certain small idiosyncrasies like the little notes of teal, the made up word “specialisms”, and the social media widgets maintain the site’s youthfulness and subsequent relevance. While lastly, again, the photo of two people hard at work keeps the productivity train moving.

Digital Visitor Amazing Website Design

Finally, the site concludes with a stream of the company’s latest blogs and articles. This not only creates a sense of activity, currency, and trendiness but also engages users in the fabric of the site. People can now return again and again to Digital Visitor’s web page and catch up on the latest news. This maintains user engagement while also asserting to these users that Digital Visitor is an industry expert.

If a company can control the flow of information audiences are receiving about a specific industry, then they control the industry. This is truly the final indication that Digital Visitor are masters of today’s digitally social world. They have the energy to get the job done, the skills to do it, and the work ethic to do it well. All of this brand nuance is communicated in the design of the website, showing how truly powerful a tool web design can be.

Digital Visitor is an amazing website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.