Ronin Amsterdam Great Homepage

When the internet came into existence, websites were using basic HTML codes and tons of content to help boost site traffic. Now, in the modern-era of web hosting and design, the concept of showing little to gain a lot has changed the graphic design industry.

In order to be an asset for their clients, Amsterdam based advertising firm, Ronin has taken minimalism to the next level. Their website is chic, elegant, and explorative. The solid black backdrop, forces the content on the page to pop.

The website is straightforward and the imagery packs a 1-2 punch, further advancing the site’s user interface. This design showcases Ronin’s ability to use an advanced Javascript program, which will continue to bring clients through their door.

Ronin Amsterdam Great Website Design

The website shows creativity and imaginative play and instead of using clickable pages, Ronin relies heavily on the side scroll interface, which allows users to navigate the sitemap without being forced to cipher through excess content.

Ronin has a five-page slideshow that uses each letter of their name with an embedded asymmetrical photo. From the homepage to the last 'n', the company showcases an impressive online portfolio. This page is where the UX has brought web design to the next level because it's the only time the side and down scroll are used simultaneously.

As a user scrolls down, the page uses parallax continuity to bring the image forward to a full screen. The next sub page uses minimal content to give a short description of the campaign, along with an outbound look to the campaign trail.

Ronin Amsterdam Great About Page

The about page reverts back to the side scroll, and is short, sweet, and to the point. No gimmicks, no long drawn out explanation of the company’s history, just simple, yet powerful, content. The black backdrop and large white typeface draws attention to the short paragraph on the left. The photograph is transparent, offsetting the page’s symmetry and enhancing the user experience.

Obviously, Ronin has the upper hand on web design, however, other firms should take a note. Gaining an impressive clientele list takes work, not just for them but their website. The team at Ronin has outdone themselves with their web design. It’s chic prototype and experimental imagery, visually manipulates the user to inquire about their services. It’s an ingenious play on the visual stimulation, which is what makes their company one of the best in the business.

Ronin Amsterdam is a best website design in the Advertising and Technology industries.