M2H Agency Creative Homepage

M2H’s site is essentially the industry standard in narrative or character-driven web design. It’s simple, contained, and manages to take users on a complete journey. On the homepage, we’re introduced to this nameless child that evokes a sense of playful courage.

The child is a visual stand-in for the user, giving them someone to empathize and identify with. Additionally, the site is formatted in a single page but multidirectional order. Users can choose to move left, right, up, or down as they see fit. No matter where they go, they’ll encounter either some body of text or yet another picture of the child. As users self navigate through the site, they’ll see the subjects of the text and the emotion of the child change. This is a great example of how simple design mechanics can be used to create an involved user experience without needing to be overly technical in nature.

M2H Agency Creative Website Design

In essence, the value of this site is that they’ve created a truly unique experience without all the bells and whistles of complicated mechanics. Instead they’ve given a face to the brand, a representative to the user, and a subtle narrative development to the entire experience.

As you can see on this next page, users are encouraged to become the company’s hero, encouraging them to buy their service. If you recall on the homepage users were asked if they were brave enough to be a hero. Now examine the difference in emotion on the child’s face. When the site asked the user a question, he was stoic yet uncommitted. Now that the site gives the user a demand, he’s aggressive and enthusiastic. It’s simple, but this character development does equate to the same experience within the user. By having the same human character emote according to each page’s message, users are more receptive the specific emotion of that page and thus easier to sell to.

M2H Agency Clean Contact Page

To wrap it up, users are brought to this “Contact” page, where they can at least begin the process of enlisting M2H’s service. They’re asked if they’re “Ready to go?”, a question that they’ve been emotionally primed to say yes to. This conclusion finally capitalizes on the narrative written out on the little boy’s face. He was unsure at first, but after learning about M2H’s services, he became impassioned. Now users have the opportunity to resolve the same narrative in themselves, to prove that they’re brave enough to become a hero. It’s simple, but it’s incredibly effective.

M2H Agency is a creative website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.