Dodge Charger Elegant Homepage

The Dodge Charger is a standout American classic, never an easy thing to capture through a website. Dodge packs their website full of stunning photography of Chargers in action to allow the vehicle to stand out against the negative space of the homepage.  

Upon entering the site, the user is immediately greeted with a pop-up directing you to choose your country, increasing the UI experience. The deep scroll homepage encourages the user to continue scrolling through the different product options. Stunning high-resolution photographs of Chargers in beautiful landscapes provide incentive to continue scrolling.

The pictures are accompanied by short epithets in bold back font, meant to capture the essence of the Charger with adjectives like “Muscle” and “Brawn.” Through these characterizations, Dodge aims to cultivate the narrative of the Charger as an enduring classic. Short blocks of text highlight the heritage and legacy of the Charger.

Despite imagery highlighting the the Charge’s speedy nature, Dodge also seeks to present the Charger as a family friendly car with text spotlighting safety features and multiple pictures of children.

A static, black horizontal menu at the top of the page helps user to navigate Dodge’s other pages and products, while a smaller, dark gray menu just beneath caters specifically to the Charger site. This leads the user into exploring other vehicles in the Dodge product line, while reinforcing brand unity.

Dodge Charger Elegant Gallery Page

The navigation menu leads the user to a gallery of photographs and videos of the Dodge Charger in action. Many of the photographs show the Charger filled with personal possessions, encouraging the user to imagine themselves owning the Charger. Another menu beneath the gallery allows the user to easily change the language or country, showing that this website was truly designed with the user in mind.

The corporate nature of the page creates brand cohesion between the Charger and Dodge’s other vehicles, while stunning photography allows the Charger to stand on its own. The main homepage picture of a Charger on the open road hints at the adventure of owning a Charger, while statistics and family friendly imagery promote the Charger as a practical option.

Dodge Charger is an elegant website design in the Automotive and Engineering industries.