Metal And Gas’ Website Engages Visitors With Top-Notch Photography And Immersive Design (slide 1)

Metal And Gas Homepage Uses Convincing Copy And Social Proof To Highlight Their Cars’ Unique Qualities

Metal And Gas is a car customization and makeover company based in Columbus, Ohio. They redesign and rebuild upscale vehicles using top-of-the-line components to give them an XXI century edge.

In line with their offerings, the brand’s website is decidedly contemporary and relies heavily on visuals of the highest quality, including hi-res, professional photography of supercars and in-house walkthrough videos.

However, messaging is another important part of a brand’s identity and positioning and this brand does it well: from the opening tagline of “Drive What They Don’t” all the way to communicating “quality,” “passion” and “pride” as their main differentiators, Metal And Gas uses enticing and brief copy to stir excitement with their audience.

The home page also features the brand logos of media outlets that wrote about the company. There are also quotes from satisfied customers. This variety creates visual interest as visitors scroll down to see various types of content.

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Metal And Gas’ Website Engages Visitors With Top-Notch Photography And Immersive Design (slide 2)

Main Menu Navigation Drives Users Through An Educational Sales Funnel

Before the visitor begins scrolling, the main menu navigation – located in the top-right – shows five very legible items that point them to specific pages of the website.

Once the scrolling begins, the navigation turns into a hamburger type-menu which, when clicked, opens the same assortment of links across the entire page, against a dark grey background and in much larger font.

The menu items were carefully selected to lead prospects through the conversion funnel:

  • The “Our Story” page tells the history of the brand, including their mission, vision and track record in order to build trust with the audience
  • The “Vehicles” page showcases the entire fleet of customized and modified cars
  • The “Biographies” and “Press” pages offer insights into the who’s who behind the company, along with clippings of their media appearances
  • The “Contact” page allows visitors to reach out, enticed by the emotional copy of “Let’s build something beautiful”

This intuitive roadmap ensures that, through the user journey, visitors acquire knowledge about the business that will help them make an informed decision about whether to opt-in for customization programs.

Metal And Gas’ Website Engages Visitors With Top-Notch Photography And Immersive Design (slide 3)

Metal And Gas’ Vehicle Page Uses White Space And A Stripped-Down Layout To Accentuate Its Offers

The core of the website is the “Vehicles” page, where Metal And Gas showcases the cars they have tuned and modified for better performance and a more unique look.

The base page opens with a photo of a car lurking in the dark, which gives way to mainly white space below the fold, with cars displayed in a single column layout.

Each car comes with a photo and a basic set of information in a very legible sans-serif font. Clicking on the “Take a Look” button opens a more detailed page for each vehicle.

Each page opens with a large photo of a car in motion above the fold, followed by more performance-related specifications. Below is a gallery containing images of the car from every angle.

The final portion of the page has a black background and a more compelling copy about the car’s history and reputation.

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Metal And Gas’ Website Engages Visitors With Top-Notch Photography And Immersive Design (slide 4)

Sleek In-House Videos And Calls-To-Action Nudge Users Closer To Conversion

Next to the main header on the website’s homepage, there is an animated “play” button with the copy “The difference is in the detail.”

Clicking on it opens a professionally filmed YouTube video with great camerawork and excellent sound production.

Several other videos, each relevant to sections they’re in, appear throughout the entire website.

The videos are seamlessly integrated into the website’s design. Each embedded YouTube window opens only after the user activates it, so as not to disrupt the unified visual feel.

The call-to-action buttons also blend in with the surroundings, but use contrasting colors to stand out. On portions of the website with a black background, the CTAs are white; on a white background, they’re black.

Metal And Gas’ Website Engages Visitors With Top-Notch Photography And Immersive Design (slide 5)

Metal And Gas’ Logo Adds A Vintage Touch To A Modern Environment

The brand’s monochrome logo sits pretty all in white against the dark backdrop of the screen above the fold. As the user scrolls down into the white space area, the logo seamlessly changes to black.

The logo's very design has a decidedly different feel to everything else on the website. Its handwritten style is very reminiscent of old logos from the 1950s — most notably the hot rod scene — which is likely what the company was going for, given the proximity of the theme.

It provides a healthy balance to the simple sans-serif fonts that make up the titles, subheadings, copy and menu items.

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Metal And Gas’ Website Engages Visitors With Top-Notch Photography And Immersive Design (slide 6)

Metal And Gas’ Website Combines Minimalism, Striking Photography and Concise Messaging To Attract Car Afficionados

Metal And Gas’ website uses the traditional elements of minimalistic design – lots of white space, clean and streamlined blocks of content, readable typography and contrasting colors.

However, the overall impression is that of a more complex website. Large and vivid photography and a retro logo give it “spice” and provide that extra oomph that befits this unique automotive website.

The website is quite dynamic, uses a layout that is user-friendly and caters to excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

The pages have a uniform feel that give the brand consistency, with certain distinctions in design in each section. Clean lines and vibrant, top-of-the-line imagery accompany the neutral tones, lending a classy quality to a business usually associated with a sportier character.

Instead of making a sales pitch, the website’s concise messaging entice car enthusiasts to learn more about this manufacturer and check out their entire portfolio.

Metal And Gas’ website is sleek, fast and easy to use, engaging and retaining its visitors who are, quite literally, along for the ride.

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