SEAKR Engineering Clean Website Design

Rise into space and learn how SEAKR Engineering is changing the way we experience space through electrical engineering. A leading provider in space applications, the company aims high and gets the results needed to advance space technology.

Land on SEAKR Engineering’s home page and truly lose yourself into space for a moment. Your page fills up with the slow-moving animation of a satellite traveling through space. Catch a glimpse of Earth and find yourself in awe at the silent beauty. The choice animation sets the mood and amplifies your curiosity as you move to keep scrolling.

The remainder of the website relies on strong organization to present you with just an inkling of what SEAKR Engineering has put together for their clients across their website. A beautiful white-black-white pattern changes up white and black text boxes for a sleek appearance down the rest of the page. Differences in font styles as well as size add for a visual change to the page, treating you to something new and different as you transition between text boxes. It’s a brilliant way for SEAKR Engineering to add variety while you never have to leave the same page.

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SEAKR Engineering Clean Website Design

Being an engineering company, it’s no surprise that SEAKR Engineering offers a range of products for industry goers. To see what might benefit you, pop on into their catalog for a list of products. The gray and white page employs an expandable feature for their listing of products. Products are simply listed out by name. It’s up to you to experience them as you want! Click on one and watch it expand open for a more detailed look. The expansion even comes equipped with a high definition illustration of the part you’re looking at.

The illustration is the only thing in the listing that you’ll find in color so use it to your advantage to see all the moving parts well detailed. It’s a design that gives you complete control of what you view, which is great especially if you know what you’re looking for!

Unique organization techniques become a staple to SEAKR Engineering’s website as a way to create a user-friendly experience. Varieties in font as well as in colored text boxes lend a helping hand, guiding the user easily between topics.

SEAKR Engineering is a clean website design in the Aerospace and Technology industries.

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