Gofas Beautiful Homepage

Gofas is a high-end watch retailer that sells a lifestyle and social status, just as much as they sell watches. They aim to evoke a shopping experience of luxury and craftsmanship. They want to immerse users within the world of Gofas, and they intend to sell them the idea that a watch will let them remain in a luxurious space forever.

Gofas’ home page presents the product in magnificent splendor, dazzling in the light. The colors are deep, luscious, and vibrant, so as to evoke a feeling of prosperity and lavishness. Throughout the page, there are notes of gold to highlight the brand’s accents. By constructing such a velvety and prestigious environment, Gofas is effectively setting the stage for their intended shopping experience. It’s Romanesque, smokey, and full-bodied: Everything users could be if they buy a Gofas watch.

Gofas Interactive Map Design

Gofas’ interactive map allows users to select a location anywhere where the company exists and find a Gofas storefront nearby. The map is classical and, again, Romanesque. It establishes a sort of ancient prestige and hallowed sanctity. It authenticates Gofas as a staple of our global culture of prestige. No matter what your perspective on luxury is, Gofas will present their brand in a way that meets that perception. Between the interactivity and high commodity of the page’s design, the interactive locations feature provides a strong sense of comprehensive prestige.

Gofas Blog Page Design

Gofas’s blog functions more as a branded news hub that continually churns out quality branded content, continuously promoting Gofas as a luxury brand. Whether it’s a new location opening, a new make of watch being released, or anything at all, the blog will release a piece of content that promotes brand above all else. Again, the color scheme is luxurious, and the content is streamlined to further endorse the Gofas experience. This is a multi-faceted design that resonates throughout the site, building brand and establishing legitimacy.

Gofas is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.