Jam Factory Elegant Homepage

Featuring craftsmanship and artistic creations honored even by the Australian government, Jam Factory keeps itself outside the box. The one-of-a-kind Australian non-profit trains artists and designers in business and skill development over a two-year program. During the program, participants learn to craft jewelry and furniture, as well as metal, glass, and ceramic products for sale in galleries and online.

Their site captures the simplicity and beauty of handcrafted works. Layered black, deep gray, and off-white backdrops fill the visual space and emphasize rounded text fonts, drawing them off the page in contrasting colors. A fullscreen slideshow features eight events, artists, and products currently active at the organization.

Users can click any of these for more information about involvement, training, or purchasing, and small buttons at each side of the screen allow users to interact with the slider at their own pace. Scrolling takes users through options for connecting on Instagram, meeting current associates, and exploring services or collectible products currently for sale. The color scheme and limited textual content keep the experience informative, but not overwhelming.

Jam Factory Elegant Website Design

When users navigate by clicking small icons or hyperlinked text, they can easily access a login page, training and workshops, exhibitions and events, or store selections for a streamlined experience. Each page loads with a familiar crisp, white background and a thin, black line filling the heading. Consistent quality is key.

Simple visual cues throughout the site demonstrate the superiority of the work being produced. The site scatters artistic images of the craftsmanship across each page to cleanly balance textual content and visual interest. Rather than cluttering each page with excessive information, users are encouraged to take action on specific areas that then link to more extensive information. Main pages provide options for several more selections based on users’ needs.

Jam Factory Elegant Product Page

If users are primarily visiting the site to purchase products, they can explore several pages that display new creations. These pages are clean and accessible, maintaining the same color scheme and simple text that exists throughout the rest of the site. Hovering on an image darkens the picture and initiates a slight zoom effect. At the same time, it introduces users to the name of the work and the artist in pop-up text. The experience feels personal and elegant, encouraging users to own these unique pieces of craftsmanship by Australia’s own artists.

Jam Factory is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, E-commerce & Retail and Non-Profit industries.