North Face Awesome Homepage

The North Face is a winter wear company, whose products are sold and admired around the world. Their line of rugged, yet sleek, cold weather clothing is meant to be ideal for the extremes of the tundra, as well as for a casual outing on a chilly night. Their brand emphasizes utility, adventure, and style, delicately balancing the adrenaline of the elements with the tempered maturity of daily wear.

The North Face’s home page features a design that emphasizes these values with a scrolling selection of images. The page comes with a fairly standard UI, collapsed almost completely into the perimeter of the site. The ever-changing image in the center of the frame becomes the focal point of the entire page. Users see a variety of scenes, all of which capture a unique application of one of their many products. Here, we see a man carving his way down a set of majestic mountains, plunging through the snow, into the air under the protection of his North Face jacket.

However, this image is constantly changing, sometimes depicting a different winter sport activity in which a North Face jacket is still reasonably in use. By continually oscillating the images, the designer has created a UX that showcases the multi-functionality of their product and the wide selection viewers have to choose from. No matter what your lifestyle is, a North Face jacket can fit yours, and the designer has created a web interface that instills this idea in their users.

North Face Awesome Menu Design

The menu interface easily drops down from any page of the site, immediately replacing the contained experience with an entirely new one. The menu provides not only a powerful navigational tooling, but also a convenient, on-demand shopping interface. At any point in their viewing experience, users can engage this menu to enhance their browsing or initiate their shopping.

The unique menu panel showcases a variety of products within its interface, and it easily links to the products’ purchasing pages. This demonstrates how menu design can be formatted to align users with your purpose. By providing easy navigation around the site at any point and particularly highlighting the sales-oriented areas of the pages, the designer has created a tool that drives traffic to where it matters most.

North Face Clean Forms Design

This final page has been included to indicate the completeness of The North Face’s website’ experience. The designer has effectively led users through the site, which ideally resolves at this purchasing page. Here, users fill out a form with their complete payment and shipping information for their order, the contents of which can be seen on the far right of the page.

The designer has curated a deliberate and intelligent UX that carries users from a home page of adventure and purpose, to a menu that directs this new desire toward their product, and resolves here with a purchase. This is emblematic of how design can synergize with salesmanship, creating an effective pitch and executing the transaction to completion.

North Face is an awesome website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.