Perfect Day Colorful Website Design

What started in 2014 with two guys, a big idea, and a shared passion for cheese, has quickly grown into a company. Perfect Day brought together a diverse team of chefs, food designers, nutritionists, scientists, and engineers to create a world of delicious animal-free dairy products. 

Color influences consumers not only on the conscious level but also on the subconscious level. Color and food pairings can be especially powerful by leveraging the emotional connection. Perfect Day chose the mixture of the bright colors purposely to set off their milky products. The flat style illustrations are also energized by the bold color palette. The animated milk spill effect on the entry of the Homepage is fun and creative. Using iconography and interactive infographics to introduce the features and the process makes the innovative concept more accessible. This company is now on the stage about launching their products, to get the word spread is the main goal of this website. Hence, offering the environmental impact of their process by numbers and the reviews from the mass media is expedient. 

Perfect Day is a colorful website design in the Food & Beverage industry.