Gemeente Museum Clean Homepage

Walk through enchanting doors and lose yourself in the modern art that fills the walls of the Gemeente Museum. Monet, Mondrian, and more await to stimulate, tantalize and impact you.

Stunning imagery is the only way to go, playing an essential role in your experience on the website. For the images to make an impact, a white background is used so the color choices and the art styles stand out. The art pieces are labeled in bold as current pieces to give you an idea what to expect when you enter the museum.

The homepage summarizes the entirety of the website as a way to set your expectations. As you scroll, sneak peaks of page areas are showcased with the use of a framed photograph. Enlarged font directs you as to where you’d be going if you clicked on it. Simplicity on the homepage puts your attention on the directions you can take to experience the website to its fullest.

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Gemeente Museum Clean About Page

The minimalist approach is everything for the Gemeente Museum -- this holds true as you dive into the museum’s history. Contrasting white and black holds your focus as you read your way down the narrative they’ve put together. Pay special attention to the crisp photographs placed on the screen! They’re a great way to gain a visual insight of the museum's interior design. You gain a total look at the museum's make up in a completely uncomplicated way.

Gemeente Museum Clean Contact Page

It's not uncommon to have questions and the Gemeente Museum hopes to ease your mind on anything that may come to mind. The contact page relies on handing the control over to you. Common issues are organized in a table that is divided by bold lines. An expansion is possible, but you choose what expands and when. The decision to change the dynamic of control adds a personal touch to the page that is visually devoid of design. Black, white and gray make up the color scheme. It's a simple combination that makes a big impact on the way the page is taken in.

Gemeente Museum creates a website where simplicity is everything as a means to really allow for museum images to jump off the page. Transfer of control lets users design their own experience long before they ever set for into the museum.

Gemeente Museum is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation industry.

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