Spotify Colorful Homepage

Are you tired of music sites picking what songs go on your playlist, leaving you to continuously skip songs until you find that one that you love? Then Spotify is for you.

“Music for everyone.” From the moment you hit their homepage, that’s exactly what Spotify wants you to know. Big, bold lettering invites you in while colors in vibrant shades of pink and orange catch your eye.

As you scroll, nearly everything you could want to learn about the company is laid out right there on the homepage to make your site navigation easy. No searching needed. The alternating pattern of color and white text boxes is brilliant and guides you through the page step-by-step so you can absorb all the important information in a brief period of time.

As you navigate the stunning website design to explore Spotify, the company sets up a menu that’s accessible at the top of the page. The simplified black bar in combination with the white font is not distracting. It’s just enough to snag your attention briefly so you know it’s there before your full attention is drawn to the vibrancy of the page’s bright colors.

Spotify Clean About Page

Spotify isn’t just for listeners. It’s for artists, too! So if you’re an indie musician looking to share your music, hop on over to the About page to find out exactly how to showcase your own talent on their website. The easy-to-read page hints at the great benefits creating an artist account can have for you. Images are presented on opposite sides of the page -- left, right, left -- to direct you down the page, piece by piece. The accompanied text pieces are bold and black, catching your attention with short titles and brief descriptions. The design is a brilliant combination of enticing and informative, drawing artists in for a great marketing opportunity.

Spotify is so much more than a music platform. It gives you control as the listener, enhancing it to be a fun experience. Bright colors and easy-to-read pages guide users through the website design simply by building impulses until there’s nothing stopping them from creating their own personalized listening experience.

Spotify is featured in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment categories of the Best Website Designs section.

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