Quick Draw Creative Homepage

Quick Draw is an interactive, web-game experience designed by Google's digital engineers. The site is meant to test, demonstrate, and raise awareness of Google's doodle recognition software, as well as the capabilities of their design team at large. The design of the site is meant to evoke a sense of fun, creativity, and digital innovation.

Quick Draw’s home page is designed with a stripped-back, digitized style that is rich in color. Users are engaged in the actual creation of the technology; as they play the game, it learns more and more. So, creating this bare-bones, digitized UI makes users feel plugged into the digital engineering process, creating a nuanced and immersive user experience.

Furthermore, it promotes Google's brand as a consumer-empowering, creative, innovation company. The home page puts both control and experience in the hands of the user, and it features a design scheme that promotes Google’s brand endeavors.

Quick Draw Creative About Page

The “About” page for Quick Draw again explores the same digitized and colorful design scheme seen on the home page. This fairly unassuming page still continues to reinforce Google’s brand, while also increasing the relative realism of the programming-esque experience.

A link within the text allows users to branch off into more AI experiences, and a video below that explains the technology in use. These little details create a more comprehensive experience by providing a more educational bend to the site. Now the experience is not just interactive and entertaining, but it has also been designed to teach users how it works.

Quick Draw Creative Website Design

This is the actual interface of the activity. Here, users are able to draw with a mouse, stylus, or their finger. As they draw, the AI attempts to analyze the image and guess what is being depicted. The interactive experience is impeccably programmed, and it provides a degree of responsiveness and user recognition that makes the experience more personal and engaging for each user.

By designing the site so that the AI continually talks back to the user, analyzing their drawing with every stroke, the designer has created a stronger sense of excitement and dialogue. Users are able to interface with a machine that understands their intention before they’re even finished drawing.

This is an example of how designers can format an experience to unfold in real-time, giving users a stronger sense of control and customization. By allowing the experience to unfold as users engage it, Quick Draw’s site designer has emerged them in an undeniably responsive experience.

Quick Draw is a creative website design in the Arts & Recreation and Technology industries.