Davenport website home page screenshot

Dark Mode On Davenport’s Website Makes Design Elements Stand Out

A classic black-and-white color combination with accents in golden-yellow hue works well for Davenport, an eCommerce website selling stylish, fully-customizable blazers for men.

Dark mode has recently been one of the fastest-growing web design trendsBesides looking trendy, it also reduces eye strain and creates a higher contrast ratio. 

The black background on Davenport’s website provides a sophisticated, ultra-modern look and helps design elements to stand out. 

Using such a simple color scheme – consisting only of black, white and golden notes – is a great way to emphasize important points of the page and aid in the conversion funnel. 

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Davenport website typography screenshot

The Clean Typography on Davenport’s Website Ensures The Copy Is Easy To Read

The sans-serif font and text in all caps for headlines, subheadings, calls-to-action, descriptions and other written content on Davenport’s website make it attractive and comprehensible from the first glance.

White letters on a black background are easy to read while the white space around paragraphs lets written content breathe and makes calls-to-action even more attractive. 

Such clean and neat typography adds to the minimalistic design simplicity and overall consistency on the website. 

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Davenport website interactive elements screnshot

Interactive And Floating Elements Enhance Visual Appeal And Create Depth

To explain every technical detail about the blazers, without overwhelming visitors with too much information at once, Davenport’s website features +” signs that expand on a click to further elaborate on every detail.  

At the same time, these signs are distinctive CTA buttons and interactive elements that enhance the visual appeal and add to the usability of the website.  

Floating dark grey images of a blazer with soft shadows create a pseudo-3D effect, which makes the design more layered and increases the sense of depth on the page.

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Davenport website product customization screenshot

Customization Options Provide A Personalized Experience For Every User

Each product on Davenport’s website has a dedicated product page for complete customization.  

Customers get to choose from a rich library of fabrics, materials and other options to create their own blazer, from external fabric and inner linings to leather patches, zippers, contrasting collars, elbow patches and pockets 

The customization page provides a dynamic flow and the pages load quickly, creating a highly functional design that makes the user journey even better.

As an added feature that effectively builds trust on an eCommerce website like this one, the total price is transparently displayed in the lower right corner. 

There is just the right amount of information on every page and CTA buttons guide visitors through actionable steps, all the way through the checkout process and finalizing a purchase. 

For such an exclusive product, this is a nice way to offer a completely personalized experience to every potential customer.

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Davenport website menu screenshot

An Unusual Navigation Menu Provides Additional Information About Davenport Blazers   

The main navigation bar consists of links to the “Get started” and “Login” pages, as well as the hamburger menu icon which opens an additional menu spanning throughout the page.

The upper half shows four pages – “Get started," "About," "Testimonials" and "Ideation" – while the "Measurement," "FAQ" and "Contact" page options are positioned in the lower half of the menu.  

Hovering over the page names opens stylish, black-and-white photographs with customers in Davenport blazers on different occasions. This simple yet unusual feature adds to the elegant style of Davenport's website.

The fact that every website page is custom-made – not based on a single template – speaks volumes about the professional approach to web design and the unique concept of the website.

What is Davenport? 

Davenport offers tailor-madestylish blazers designed by Devon Davenport, a fashion designer from North Carolina.  

His vision of fully-customizable blazers that can be adjusted for every occasion led him to create two models currently available for purchase – Davenport V1 and Davenport M-Series. 

Davenport has also developed a specific body measurement system based on the algorithm to help his customers complete an online shopping process without the fear of choosing the wrong blazer size.

This is enabled by streamlined virtual measurement service known as MARS (Made-to-Measure Algorithmic Ratio Service™), also developed by Davenport.

Davenport’s devotion to tailoring products to suit customers’ needs while exceeding expectations has helped him build an elegant yet powerful online store that provides a highly personalized shopping experience. 

This is huge plus for Davenport’s website and one of the many features that help the brand confidently stand out.

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