Rally Interactive Minimal Website Design

Say hello… to Rally Interactive, which redefines a minimalistic design approach. 

The web design studio takes away all variety and design on their website, keeping their approach as simple as possible.

The moment potential clients land on the single-page site, they are greeted only by a creative contact form.

Visitors are prompted to complete the form with a series of simplified statements. They can either plug in personal answers, or use a drop-down menu to select the appropriate answer.

The wide, white negative space around the contact form makes the bold serif font of the company’s greeting pop.

Red accent lines are used at multiple points in the page, varying from the monochromatic, contrasting design.

Written horizontally along the right-hand side of the page in a small font, potential clients will find a link to the company’s portfolio and social media.

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Rally Interactive Dribble Account

Rally Interactive makes use of another media platform to showcase the wide variety of web design, user interface, and user experiences they create.

Through their single-page site, potential clients can head over to Dribbble for the ability to dive into Rally Interactive’s work.

Presented in an organized grid format over a light grey negative space, potential clients can scroll through numerous works by utilizing an infinite scroll on the page.

Portfolio pieces are showcased with design and product photographs that the company has put together for their previous clients.

Vibrant colors and crisp imagery pop against a white background within each piece. The company uses several GIFs and effects to bring a bit of life to each piece as well.

Rally Interactive also uses Dribbble as an expansion of their own website, allowing the bulk of their information to be found through on the portfolio site.

The exciting part? Because of the way Dribbble creates an immersive user experience, potential clients have the ability to interact directly with Rally Interactive, even if they choose to navigate from a personal website.

Rally Interactive is a minimal website design in the Professional Services industry.

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