Data USA Great Homepage

Data USA combines breathtaking imagery and simplicity to create an interactive webpage. The site is visually appealing, with a easy-to-use sitemap that creates a positive UI and UX. Each page has a simple banner and a hamburger menu in the top left corner, and a shopping cart option lies in the top right.

The fullscreen home page is equipped with a high-resolution backdrop. It uses gallery-style navigation to enhance the UX and UI. Every column is labeled, allowing users to click on any of the thumbnails, which hyperlink to the corresponding page.

Data USA Great Website Design

The purpose of USA Data’s website is to record specific data about various cities across the United States. Each page features a brilliant design that captures the user’s attention. For example, New York’s data page depicts an image of the skyline, with a shadow overlay starting at the midline of the image.

The bolded, white typeface presents the most popular data categories, such as population, median age, poverty rate, etc. The text offers a quick overview, without being invasive. Users can continue to scroll down the page and through the content. USA Data’s strong play on imagery fuels the UX interface.

Data USA Great Website Design

The company’s “About” page is enhanced by adark background to draw attention to the central gray text box. It uses minimal content, relying on the embedded videos to summarize company culture. This approach creates a positive user interaction. The page uses a basic side-scroll where users can choose which video they want to watch, and the top menu bar includes a search icon in the right-hand corner.

Overall, Data USA’s web design is simple and easy to use. The designer has combined data research with the internet, allowing site visitors to readily understand factual computations.

Data USA is a best website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.