Giorgio Armani — Frames of Life Beautiful Homepage

Frames of Life is a dynamic artistic platform from Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani that spotlights a campaign film. In today’s world of fast fashion, leveraging art as a campaign tool creates a standout brand.

Landing on the website, the user is greeted by exciting music. A button in the right hand corner allows the user to easily disable the music, while clicking away from the screen causes the music to immediately cease. This unique feature displays a thoughtful combination of UX and UI design.

The opening image is a black and white video featuring a woman looking towards the ocean with her back turned away from the camera, cultivating a sense of mystery and intrigue. The largest text on the page, appearing in an elegant serifed typeface, asks a question, “Are you ready to run?” serving to draw the reader deeper into the webpage.

Scrolling through the page, the user eventually meets with the title short film, which discusses the concept of running, set against opulent Portuguese scenery, evoking the idea of luxury travel and fine European fashions. The film is shot in black and white, reminding the user of the brand’s long history and reflecting the monochromatic tones of the webpage.

Scrolling to the bottom of the home page leads the user into exploring the collection the short film was subtly promoting. When clicked, a small menu button in the left hand corner causes the screen to fade into a full screen menu, also leading the user to the collection.

Giorgio Armani — Frames of Life Beautiful Product Page

Only when landing on the product pages is it clear to the user that this webpage is meant to promote Giorgio Armani’s line of sunglasses. Unlike the short film, the product pages highlight color photos, creating a differentiation between the two pages. The images, however, are set against some of the same scenery and locations as were seen in the film, creating a continuous thematic element despite the differences in purpose.

When fashion comes cheap and can be easily ordered online, it can be hard for higher end designers to stay competitive. Using multimedia elements to showcase the unique artistry that comes with luxury fashion designers is a great way to pull users into a brand narrative.

Giorgio Armani — Frames of Life is a be beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Luxury industries.