Le Ble D’or Beautiful Homepage

If you’re feeling hungry right now, this website isn’t going to help. Beautiful product photos, a sleek layout, and smart design makes the Le Ble D’or website one of the best restaurant websites you will ever see.

Right off the bat, a unique circular photo slider greets you. Each quadrant of the circle features a small icon that shows the various aspects of the restaurant from breakfast to dinner and everything in-between. The animation is quick and smooth - almost like watching a clock quickly jump ahead 15 minutes.

Le Ble D’or Beautiful Website Design

The designers know when to let the typography take center stage and when to melt into the background and let the photos do the talking. Even in an image where the typography is used as a main focal point, the opacity is set so that the image in the background can still be clearly seen. The photos and the typography work together throughout the website like a dance. One leads the other, but they both work as a team.

Le Ble D’or Beautiful Website Design

Closeup product photos are sure to get your mouth watering. A dark lighting for the photos almost gives a feeling of class - like the lighting you would have in an upscale restaurant around dinner time. Just viewing the website feels like you’re sitting inside the restaurant having drinks with friends.

The Le Ble D’or website does an amazing job of making viewers feel what their restaurant is like, rather than just look at it. Subconsciously, users will think, “If their website is this amazing, their restaurant location will be unbelievable.” If this website was any better, it would cook the food itself.

Le Ble D'or is a beautiful website design in the Food & Beverage industry.