Harbor Suites Beautiful Homepage

Dynamic Movement Adds A Playfulness To The Harbor Suites Web Design

Harbor Suites is a hotel located in Piraeus, Greece. It’s a coastal city right outside of Athens. And it’s a destination that is full of relaxing amenities, exciting excursions and beautiful accommodations that will have you immersed in authentic Greek culture in no time.

And right from the start, this website has an equally vivacious immersive quality to it that puts you right in the mindset to start exploring what this resort has to offer. And that’s thanks to the creative, dynamic movement that comes in many different forms.

This stunning website opens up and instantly grabs your attention thanks to the sleek and fluid lines that form a circle around the main header image. This brings your gaze directly to the bold imagery that will help persuade you to make a reservation.

Similarly, as you scroll there’s a dynamic aspect to the scrolling effects that cause blocks of text and images to slide in a creative and cool way.

Images are a main focal point, and through movement, these images rotate in and out to give users even more access to captivating photography that helps them visualize the destination and picture themselves there.

This movement exists around every corner and with every click. And it effectively helps to create a journey for users to embark on that organically leads them to the final reservation page where they can request to stay at this relaxing destination.

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Harbor Suites Beautiful Imagery

Intuitive Navigation Tools Make It Easy For Users To Explore The Harbor Suites Site

Another key aspect of this site that helps users get from section to section is the navigation tools that exist as bold CTAs and a creative hamburger menu that simplifies their buyer’s journey.

This elegant and regal website utilizes bold and straightforward CTAs all the way down the page and in each section of the design. These CTAs take users to the different sections in a very fluid and organic way that comes naturally.

And the language is so intuitive that it’s hard for users not to click as it just feels like the next appropriate thing to do.

Additionally, the hamburger menu that lives in the top right of the screen slides in from the left when clicked. The sections are clearly outlined using a bold and whimsical font that exudes luxury and makes it very obvious what each section of the site can offer visitors.

It’s important for brands to make navigation easy and simple. You don’t want to make users work harder than they already are — otherwise, they’ll just leave. And this website does a great job of including navigation tools that are not only fluid but match the branding and immersive qualities of this site as a whole.

Harbor Suites Beautiful Website Design

An Image-Driven Layout Puts The Focus On These Captivating Accommodations

Imagery is important, and here it takes center stage. And the imagery here comes mainly in the form of powerful photography that captures this hotel and all that it has to offer.

Images slightly overlap one another adding a playfulness to the layout. A large number of images infused lets people see what this hotel contains as opposed to just reading about it. These images are high-resolution, bold and captivating. And they really allow users to see themselves in these situations which further compels them to book.

The images are fun and flirty. And they also show the personality of the website and the brand in its entirety, promoting a transparency that is refreshing for users.

As a hotel, it’s important to let users see what they can expect. And this website does so in an energetic and lively way.

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Harbor Suites Calm Web Design

An Elegant Aesthetic Captures The Tranquil Qualities Of This Hotel

This website is promoting a hotel in the beautiful city of Piraeus on the coast of Greece. So it makes sense that it captures that same ethereal and majestic elegance of the destination and all this resort has to offer.

The design of this website is characterized by a very elegant and luxurious look with the use of stunning photos of beautiful landscapes and lifestyle imagery. The color palette reflects the luxurious character of the apartments and echoes a soothing feeling, while the information flows through monotone shapes harmoniously. It's impossible not to feel calm and relaxed after viewing this homepage, and this site is a great example of an engaging and emotional experience for visitors.

The typography has been carefully chosen, and balances between the sense of well-being provided by Harbor Suites and the busy urban vibes of the location. Using a serif font for headings and non-serif font for body copy, the use of typography is a great example of how to combine different font styles with different functions.

The clean design with very elegant thin-lined buttons and soft colors represents luxury in a relaxed environment. The design features white/negative space and lots of breathing space, which also contributes to that.

This authentic atmosphere is composed of typeface and stunning photos. The temperature of the photography is carefully worked to match the color palette of the website in a very luxurious and personalized design. The different sections are beautifully structured and contain cool image sliders next to the copy that allows the content to breathe.

The Harbor Suites website is an open, inspiring and stunning design that captures the intrinsic beauty of this majestic coastal town. And it’s a robust online destination that instantly grabs your attention. But its simple and elegant aesthetic is what makes the entire journey that much more impactful.

Harbor Suites Intuitive Web Design

What Is Harbor Suites?

Harbor Suites is a hotel brand in Piraeus, Greece. It’s a destination outside of Athens and runs along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf. It was founded by Piraeus native, Marcos, who had this to say about the destination.

While Piraeus has always been a working-class area, for me it represented the true life and heartbeat of Greater Athens. With the city`s evolution, I worked on combining the inspiration of boutique-hotel living with a real Greek living experience for people from all over the world!”

And one look at this website opens up a world of possibilities about this destination and the amenities available at the resort.

According to the hotel brand:

Harbor Suites, the first über design boutique hotel in Piraeus, is a beautiful and romanticized rendition of a ship anchoring in a bustling port. This haven is the inspiration of Greek Canadian Marcos Alexandridis, a man divided by two continents for much of his life yet his heart always remaining true to his roots of the sea by the port. Born in 1962 in Piraeus, Marcos is a man that has never felt more comfortable on land as on water. This obvious dichotomy only adds to the richness and complexity of a Greek man with zeal for living life to its fullest, representing the heart of Harbor Suites. Having traveled the world over by plane and by motorcycle, he has created a new concept for travelers wanting to discover places like he has – knowing the ins and outs like a local in an upscale paradisiacal sort of way.

This is a destination and a hotel like no other — there’s a beauty and a grace infused around every corner. And this website matches that elegance and sophistication in its bold imagery, smooth transitions, and tranquil layout.

Harbor Suites Best Web Design

What Makes This Stunning Hotel Website So Powerful?

The Harbor Suites site is a beautiful online destination. It’s a creative and captivating presence that infuses a wide variety of dramatic and compelling web design elements to match the serene experience of the hotel itself.

When you first land on the page, you’re met with a captivating interface full of dynamic animations, images, and text. Content floats in and out of the design, sleek lines create peaceful and tranquil shapes — this helps lead users on their journey and takes them from page to page with ease and satisfaction.

And speaking of the buyer’s journey, the navigation tools in the form of powerful CTAs, a sleek hamburger menu, and straightforward section headers make it easy and efficient for users to learn more about specific apartments, the hotel’s story and special offers that can make their trip even more memorable.

There’s also a heavy emphasis on imagery — as there should be. This is a site promoting a hotel and users want to see the accommodations and services this hotel has to offer. They want to be able to immerse themselves immediately into the experience. And these images make it more likely that users will go through with their purchase and make a booking.

All of these elements are wrapped up in a perfectly elegant bow. There’s a smooth, relaxing and fluid aesthetic here that encourages interactivity and an eventual reservation.

This is a robust digital destination that puts users in the right mindset to set out on a relaxing vacation.

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