Wealth Beautiful Homepage

Leather, rock ‘n roll, and a strong foundation in design is exactly what Wealth presents to the users who visit their website. As an Italy-based company that specializes in creating product pieces around the world, Wealth is a staple in fine fashion.  

The home page welcomes users to the website with a looping video of their product pieces on various models. Turn up the volume, though, because Wealth accompanies the clip with intense, loud rock music to match the tough “rebel girl” theme the company portrays. The video contains a dark air, creating a wide black background as the platform of their design.

Laid over the video, users are welcomed to the website with a serif font in a mixed combination of capitalized and lowercase lettering. To further the contrast between the letters, pale gray and bright white coloring is used within the welcome message.

Wealth Beautiful Menu Design

From the upper left corner of the home page, users are able to activate a hamburger menu that showcases the different pages Wealth offers. With its black background, the menu carries over the monochromatic theme used across the website. The menu features a series of individual white text boxes to present the available page titles. The dynamic combination is sleek and enhances the organized appearance of the site.

Wealth Beautiful Website Design

Keeping with a simplistic design, Wealth eliminates complicated product pages and opts for a sliding screen. When looking at a specific product, users activate a sliding screen that opens from the right and covers three-fourths of the page. The white background of the product page creates a highly contrasting appearance to the typical black background found throughout the rest of the website. Visually, the combination is appealing.

For easy reading and navigation down the product page, the company usesa serif font for titles and a less formal, typewriter-stylized font for descriptions. Embedded down the length of the product page, users can view an assortment of photographs of the product pieces. Images are inserted in no specific formatting, breaking up the negative space of the background.

Taking a dark twist on their eclectic collection, Wealth creates a visually dynamic design of high contrast that draws users in immediately. The versatile website makes it easy to navigate through everything Wealth has to offer.

Wealth is a beautiful website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Luxury industries.