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People always want to know the secret to someone’s success. While we may not know the secret per se, Minimums showcases the most treasured possessions behind some of the most successful people in the world and how these items add value to their lives. 

Meet a whole new group of highly successful individuals the moment you land on the homepage. The approach is kept visually simple, letting the clear photographs on the page do all the work in building your intrigue. Names are accompanied by titles over the center of every image. Move your mouse across the page to light up their names in green, the main color that Minimums uses across their stunning website design.

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Pick a name from the homepage and jump in! Each portfolio page introduces you immediately to the person, offering up a dark text box to stand out against the contrastingly light design on the rest of the website.

When you’re done reading, look through a grid of photographs showcasing the most interesting possessions that person owns. Items are labeled to make sure you know what you’re looking at, but don’t worry! The interviewee will explain them to you.

As you move down the page, each item is given a glorified moment. See photographs of the item in use and read a short blurb directly from the person being interviewed on why that item means so much to them. The more items you find yourself reading about, the stronger your connection to them becomes.

That person’s “minimums” turn into a list of items you can buy for yourself, displayed in a grid at the very bottom of the page. The clean presentation from the moment you enter the portfolio allows you to fully succumb to each person’s story. Your focus is drawn to the photographs without any distractions and the longer you read, the more their voice seems to come right out of the site at you.

Minimums recognizes the effectiveness of surrounding yourself in familiarity. What works for one person might just work for you! The site relies heavily on visuals to showcase the possessions that have helped with success. As you read, the narrative explanations tie in beautifully for an immersive user experience that lets you create a bond with someone you’ve never met.

Minimums is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-Commerce & Retail industries.

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