The Feebles Engaging Homepage

The Feebles is a graphic design studio with a specialization in quirky illustrations and animations. From the moment potential clients enter their website, they are greeted by their work. 

Forgoing the traditional homepage, The Feebles makes their Projects page the first thing visitors see -- like a minimized showcase of what the studio is capable of putting together. Big names like Adidas and Jaguar stand out on a list of clients left-aligned on the page. Names are bolded in a sans serif font to catch attention against the white negative space.

The right side of the site is filled with a dual image box. The top box showcases a piece of art from the Projects collection; below it is a color box that acts as an accent to the page.

With just a tilt of their heads, potential clients are able to view the sidebar menu, which is vertically printed along the edge of the page. The menu is printed in all capitalized sans serif lettering in a pale gray to blend smoothly with the white negative space.

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The Feebles Clean Contact Page

Utilizing a dynamic photograph as the page’s negative space, The Feebles’ Contact page places a rectangular text box within the center of the page.

In contrasting colors, the text box is divided into white and gold segments. The plugin form offers only one area to write in, making the design simplistic and easy for any potential client to use.

The Feebles Beautiful Product Page

With a focus on creating uniquely dynamic designs and artistic pieces, it is no wonder The Feebles has put together a Shop where anyone is able to buy their art.

The shop is organized neatly in a grid format as a way to put each piece of art on display.

The use of negative white space on the page in combination with the texturized, gradient background of each art piece draws attention straight to the vivid colors used by the company.

The Product page makes use of an additional sidebar menu option, where potential clients are able to pick and choose the products they want to see.

The menu is divided into two segments, which utilize a pale blue sans-serif font as the header for each section. The remainder of the menu options is listed beneath the individual headers in black.

The Feebles is a clean website design in the Professional Services industry.

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