Conscious City Guide Amazing Homepage

Conscious City Guide is an online resource for residents of communities across the world to learn about activities and events around town. It’s a place where people can post, discover things to do with their time, and get the most out of their community. This home page has been very simply designed, but in a way that maximizes the site’s effectiveness.

The page is framed by a horizontal list of locations that display a variety of clickable event listings when selected. The very simple flow keeps everything within the user’s grasp at all times. At any point, they can easily change cities or events and have easy access to a variety of menu options on the top of the page. By keeping the body of the page relatively uncluttered, the designer has maximized the UX to keep as many tools in use as possible.

Conscious City Guide Amazing Events Page

This personalized actions and results page continues the site’s trend toward simplified utility. Here, users can navigate yet another listed page and take a variety of actions. They can manage their events or create one. All of the results are presented in a very simple and graphic list, keeping them easily accessible and simple to understand. It’s this kind of design that really speaks to the effectiveness of minimalism. Everyone understands what they can do and how to do it.

Conscious City Guide Amazing Website Design

This is another example of how effective this site’s minimal design can be. This page is an event listing for a gathering occurring in Miami. The page gives all of the essential information like where, when, and what will be happening. Yet, the graphic interface is incredibly minimal and soft, reinforcing the aesthetic of the rest of the page. Again, this minimal design is easily understood and only provides essential information. This is an example of how talented designers can maximize otherwise minimal elements by understanding what’s important and building a design that foregrounds this critical information.

Conscious City Guide is an amazing website design in the Arts & Recreation and Travel industries.