Heaven Sake Best Website Design

Pamper yourself and have a drink of Heaven Sake. With a focus on serving the world’s purer alcoholic drink, the company exudes quality in their product and how they present their website.

A concise front is what Heaven Sake brings you. An extensively deep design is traded out for single page website.

This choice makes it easy for you to find everything you could want to know about the company in one spot. Your eyes flow down the page easily as you transition from one concept to another. It’s a design choice that makes you fall in love with the product all the more.

Slate gray is the lovely foundation for the website. The color is neutral, creating a mellow mood to the page, bringing your focus to what’s being presented to you. The choice is a fantastic way to make the collection of imagery on the page captivate you. Product images incorporate soft blues and stark blacks, which are impossible to miss against the background color.

Adding to the product images, a wide array of photographs are utilized to create diversity on the page.

A handful of images utilize a grayscale tone, complementing the background color and almost appearing to become a part of the page design. These beautiful photographs have an artistic feel simply through their composite style.

Other photographs, however, incorporate vibrant colors to really stand out to you. Their vividness makes them impossible to miss as they build a sense of enjoyment and anticipation for when drinking Heaven Sake. The choice to include these pictures is a fantastic way for the company to create a sense of wanting to invest easily.

Building on the single page website design, keep an eye open for the expanding buttons throughout the site. When clicked, a screen opens over the one you’re viewing, maximizing the organization of the site. These screens are white, which gently contrasts the gray of the regular website. Additional information is quickly listed out in a basic written format that’s a breeze to read through.

Heaven Sake takes simplicity to the next level with a single page website design that condenses a pleasant user experience into one location. The inclusion of pictures and a neutral platform builds on this, creating a friendly experience that leaves the user wanting more from the company.

Heaven Sake is an elegant website design in the Food & Beverage and E-Commerce & Retail industry.

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