Hotel Frida By The Forest Web Design

Standout features:

  • Fantastically creative interactive elements
  • Good use of natural sound effects in the background
  • Storytelling that engages users and provides a humane touch

Hotel Frida is a relaxation and leisure resort in Italy’s South Tirol region. Its website is designed by the Austrian creative agency Plural which went above and beyond any norm for this highly unconventional website.

Upon landing, the visitor encounters an illustration of a strange, hybrid creature adorned with motion effects, custom-made serif typography, and floating bubbles sporting two letters each. When a visitor clicks on a bubble, it opens a small window with a short story involving hotel guests.

Then, the visitor notices that the mouse cursor has turned into a spray can. Clicking anywhere on the screen paints the website’s background in a wide range of vibrant colors with an authentic graffiti effect. Pinks, greens, blues, and yellows turn the mostly white website into a festival of colors.

To emphasize the resort’s location in one of Europe’s most preserved regions, the website comes with a “soundtrack” of a bird song, a sound of water streaming, and the gentle buzzing of insects. This is a very well-executed use of sound on a website which is, ordinarily, a very risky business as it can do more damage than good. Check out the best travel & leisure website designs here.

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