The Black Tux Elegant Homepage

A Simple Web Design Layout Streamlines The Buyer Experience

The Black Tux is a fashion startup, founded in 2013 by Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne. After they experienced how the rental process is full of flaws, they started their own suit rental company that features affordable prices and great fits.

And that efficiency they wanted to provide consumers is evident throughout their website thanks to its simple, straightforward layout and clean, modern aesthetic.

Their simple logo is black and white, and enclosed in a box. The main banner has an interesting carousel with a tagline in the middle; however, the last part of the sentence changes based on different images. The messaging around the banner is very informative and on point. And this fluidity makes for an exciting experience right off the bat.

Just below the main banner, there’s a well-designed explanation of their service, supported through video and iconography. Everything is straightforward and easy to understand.

When users scroll down, they see an interesting grid with images, copy, simple testimonials and the main features of their business. The site is simple and presented clearly. Plus, there are plenty of images, icons and text that create one cohesive message.

The color palette is nice, with calm highlights of green, light gray and beige. Typography is a classic serif font and uses handwritten type to support the copy throughout the site.

This displays their process in a very straightforward manner. The structure looks more like a timeline but helps users walk through the steps successfully by scrolling down the page.

And the product pages are created in a similar, enchanting and elegant design that puts the content first.

These product pages are where users choose their rentals. It’s a straightforward page, with a minimal and even grid. Some tips and tricks are incorporated into the products, which negates the need for users to scroll to the bottom and makes the shopping process easier.

Overall — from start to finish — this website screams comprehensiveness, efficiency and class. And it makes for an experience that users won’t forget.

The Black Tux Elegant Website Design

The Black Tux Website Uses Clever Imagery To Bring The Brand And Its Products To Life

To help bring this website and this service to life, the designers infused a variety of clever and poignant images to set the mood and foster a sense of excitement in users.

This is present first and foremost in the header images that rotate in and out. These images show photos of people in tuxes and at gatherings. People are laughing, smiling and having a good time. These images show how much fun consumers can have if they choose to use this service.

And they also work to give men inspiration as to how to style themselves because the images are so bold and captivating.

In some instances, these videos are filtered in black and white which adds a regal quality to the website and sets a tangible, dramatic and seductive mood.

Another interesting aspect of this site is the icons used to walk users through the rental process and lead them on their buyer’s journey. These icons are clean and simple, written out in soft, subtle black lines.

These illustrations add context and make it more enjoyable for users to peruse the site, giving them a better understanding of the site and its services in a quick, easy-to-digest format that eliminates the stress of figuring it out for themselves.

The Black Tux Elegant Testimonials Page

Robust Search And Filter Systems Make It Easy For Consumers To Find The Suit They Need

When consumers get to the product pages, they already likely have an idea as to what they are looking for. And in The Black Tux site, they make it even easier for users to get from point A to point B with ease.

There are simple and straightforward filters that help users find the suit for them — they can narrow it down by event type and date of rental so they can be sure the item they’re looking at is actually available.

And up at the top along the menu bar, users can jump right to the section that is right for them. They don’t need to look at all of the suits if all they need is a vest or cufflinks or whatnot.

This straightforward, blunt and easy-to-follow navigation system further simplifies the process and alleviates stress so that buyers will actually make it to the checkout.

The Black Tux Elegant Product Description

The Site Has Bonus Features Like “At Home Try-On” To Build Trust

Another great thing about this site is that it really cares about the customer experience. You can see this in its layout and dedication to ensuring the process is easy for all. But you can also see it in a host of additional features that help provide the consumer with more reasons to trust the brand.

One feature is the integrations of reviews and testimonials. These testimonials and their corresponding images give realistic impressions and build consumers trust in regards to the company.

Additionally, there’s an “At Home Try-On” feature that lets consumers try on these pieces before they rent so that they aren’t surprised or disappointed when the day comes.

This site also offers users inspiration, with a section that gives them ideas on how to wear their suits, style themselves and craft a personalized experience.

This shows that the brand cares, and makes consumers want to trust them even more.

The Black Tux Elegant Product Page

What Is The Black Tux?

The Black Tux is a tux rental service that was founded in 2013 by Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne. This startup came to life after a wedding invitation led to a mess of confusion and irritation when it came time to rent tuxes.

The two realized that the industry needed a facelift, and set out on creating a more efficient and robust system for men to use when renting suits and tuxes for special occasions.

Here’s more about The Black Tux brand:

The Black Tux was founded in 2013 by Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, longtime friends who, while preparing for Andrew’s wedding in 2011, saw an opportunity to offer men an alternative to traditional tuxedo and suit rental outlets. After their experience renting for Andrew’s wedding, they decided to explore different ways to improve the tuxedo rental process. Andrew’s Groomsmen had a typical tuxedo rental experience. A trip to the tux shop to get fitted, another trip to pick it up on the big day, and then a third trip to return the tux. At one point Patrick and Andrew asked themselves, how could this experience be easier and more enjoyable? They decided to start a company that would give people a better option for renting a tux. We only partner with top suiting manufacturers to ensure the best quality and fit. Our tuxedos and suits are the quality equivalent of a $1200+ garment in a retail store. We use 100% merino wool on our suiting, 100% cotton for our shirting, and real leather for our shoes. Stay tuned, we’ve only just begun!

And the duo really did transform the industry, making the tux rental experience more simple, streamlined and efficient. Not only that, they offer top-of-the-line products at affordable prices so that everyone can have those same memories when the time comes.

Their website is vital to this experience, and it is beautifully designed and cleverly created to ensure happy results from start to finish.

The Black Tux Simple Website Design

What Makes The Black Tux Such A Successful Website

The Black Tux website works so well because of its classic vibes, dramatic imagery and overall serene and simple layout that gives tux renters something easy and efficient to work with when it comes to finding a tux for a special event — which is already complicated enough as it is.

The layout is very clean and straightforward, with a monochromatic color palette taking center stage. Some of the images are even in black and white to emphasize the drama and regal mood of the brand as a whole.

The layout leads users on a journey — one that is straightforward and easy to follow. The sections of the website are clearly laid out and navigation tools are bold and apparent. Plus the elegant nature of the typography really gives this website an edge that makes it trustworthy and authentic.

There are plenty of images and icons plastered across the site that add context and clarity, jumping from the screen and giving users a sneak peek into the styles this tux company has to offer.

And the product pages help to streamline the buyer’s journey as well thanks to their bold nature and the intuitive search and sort features that let men pinpoint what kind of tux they need for a certain event. This site answers all the questions before you even have time to ask them.

Add that to the bonus features like “Home Try-On” and the inspiration section that gives you some ideas on how to dress and how to style yourself depending on the event and you’ve got a robust rental site that does so much more than you could have ever expected.

This is a stellar website that goes above and beyond traditional wedding and clothing rental sites. And it brings with it a vivacious spirit that consumers are happy to interact with.

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