Matcha Kari Clean Homepage is a website that introduces users to the health benefits of matcha tea.

It's very clean and minimal, with great product photography displayed throughout the website. Matcha Kari uses green to convey a sense of well-being and good health, which aligns well with that the product promises consumers. 

Matcha tea originates from Japan, which is reflected in the Japanese house-like feel users experience when browsing the site, where furniture and decoration serve a purpose, and a bit of empty space is positive. 

Matcha Kari Top Website Design

With one deep scrolling page design, heavy information is very well structured on Matcha Kari's “Learn” page. This page is listed clearly on the homepage and explains the company's mission of quality products and overall public understanding of matcha tea.

From the history, location, process, and health benefits to preparing the perfect bowl of matcha, the site's content is organized and engaging, and encouraged users to read more. There is a mix of multiple grids and media, including photos, video, interactive illustrations, and infographics.

Matcha Kari Clean Video Layout

Additionally, the video for “Preparing the Perfect Bowl of Matcha” is well done. Footage switches between front and top view, making the information clear and easy to comprehend. The presentation also makes it look very approachable and the composition of the types is done beautifully and clearly.


Matcha Kari Clean Website Design

When the user visits their "Journal," the overall look and feel is consistent, further emphasized through strong photography. The top view photography is particularly fantastic, and additional photographs add a human presence while maintaining a Zen feel within the imagery.

Matcha Kari Product Web page

The color palette is simple -- white, black, gray and green -- which compliments the tea brand perfectly; serif fonts also match this traditional industry very well. However, the site is modernized by the well-executed, responsive design, which hosts elegantly-placed content. 

Matcha Kari is a best website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.