IELO Design Elegant Homepage

This Singapore-based company provides tailored and fuss-free design solutions for brands, retailers, and F&B players. 

The three major colors -- white, gray, and yellow -- and the choice of the font types creates the clean, airy, minimal, and modern look. Full-width imagery, hamburger menu, sticky navigation, deep-scrolling fashion, and clear messaging all show the agency on top of design trends. 

IELO Design Elegant Homepage

The homepage begins withone large image, followed by two areas of expertise that they cover and four featured projects. The visual hierarchy has the effect of digging deeper and deeper.

IELO Design Elegant Homepage

Next up, the site shows specific statistics and numbers that demonstrate their success in boosting clients' business through optimizing the experiences and interactions in physical and digital touch-points. In the end, their contact information encourages visitors to take action. Additionally, the content arrangement is thoughtful yet easy to follow. 

IELO Design Elegant Portfolio Design

The “Project” landing and detail pages are all designed with the same principle as the homepage — very direct, and withough superfluous words and unnecessary details. The grid-based project images can be filtered, hovered to show an introduction, or clicked to explore details.

IELO Design Elegant Website

Once users land on a detail page, the information is all placed nicely on top of a centered galley. The page concludes with a quote from the client or the project web link. 

IELO Design is a best website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.