Norgram Minimal Homepage

Norgram is a digital design studio based in Denmark that specializes in creating a modern digital branding experience for clients.

The company’s web design utilizes a wide, white negative space to bring the focus of the user to the page’s content. The left-aligned, black sans serif font is a stark contrast to the background. To the right of the introductory blurb on the home page, the website incorporates a horizontal scroll to showcase a number of news articles.

Articles are comprised of a combination of low-resolution sample photographs and left-aligned article descriptions written in a black sans serif font. Articles are neatly organized within their own individual column with pale gray borders to separate one article from the next. Users are given an indication of the number of articles available by a faded gray numbering system placed along the top of the page.

Norgram Minimal Menu Design

Norgram introduces a vertically placed hamburger menu to the left side of every page. When clicked, the menu opens from the left side of the screen and takes over three-fourths of the page. The sliding screen presents in an entirely contrasting way to the website’s color scheme, but it continues the monochromatic feel. The menu utilizes a black negative space in combination with white sans serif font. Page titles are far left-aligned, leaving a large amount of negative space between the menu and the fourth of the page still in sight.

Norgram Minimal Website Design

To present their portfolio to users, Norgram once again utilizes a horizontal scroll on their “Projects” page. Portfolio pieces are showcased with images and text boxes. The company makes use of either one high-resolution photograph or one intricately created digital image that sums up the project as a whole. To separate images from one another, a narrow white text box spans the height of the entire page. Vertically centered within the text box, a black sans serif font describes what the project entailed. The appearance is minimalistic and easy on the eyes.

Norgram utilizes a highly contrasted design to draw users in and make their high-resolution photographs stand out. The design is simplistic and powerful as it guides users easily through the website.

Norgram is a minimal website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.