Instant Love Colorful Homepage

Instant Love is an interactive website focused on music dedicated to women by women. They aim to encourage the values of sisterhood and feminine collectivism. As such, every corner of their site exudes some level of girl power or playfulness. The colors are soft, bright, and faded in a way that indicates a sort of distressed authenticity. It feels like something you might see scrawled casually in a diary or hung up in a bedroom. It exudes a very visual sense of friendship, affection, and femininity. Instant Love’s website serves as a great aesthetic, addressing the nostalgic, adventurous, and fun nature of their purpose. The designer understood the importance of setting a tone, so they did exactly that, leaving the unnecessary behind.

Instant Love Colorful Website Design

This is the body of the activity. Users will be randomly assigned a song, which they can, of course, change at will. Users can listen to the song and appreciate its musicality, or they can browse a variety of icons and their underlying interactions. Each icon unveils some new layer to the song, be it the music video, artist bio, etc. This gives users a more dynamic experience while enjoying the song, and it provides a deeper level of appreciation for the production. Users can listen and learn about the music and the female relationship that inspired it.

Instant Love Colorful Popup Design

Here, we see an example of one of the pop-ups that can be accessed from a product page’s icons. It includes a brief artist manifesto about the song and a short bio about the artist’s past. All the while, the music plays and users get lost in time, listening and learning, fully immersed in the experience. It’s this multifaceted, simultaneous design scheme that makes Instant Love’s site so effective. The designer has provided much to do at once, so users will spend hours wrapped in the music of female friendship.

Instant Love is a colorful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.