Third Eye Films Clean Homepage

Third Eye Films is a documentary production company that focuses on capturing the human impact of global events as accurately as possible. They travel the world over, capturing people in their daily lives as they deal with a world event or a drastic condition. Their site focuses on the capturing of humanities via interplay of visual and photographic elements.

For example, Third Eye Film’s home page utilizes a small graphic overlay to simulate the presence of a camera viewfinder. This effect in relation to the image of a family, smiling for the filmmakers, captures the impetus of what they do and why they do it. It’s about representing people in as true of a way as possible. This is their duty as documentarians, so their site reflects that.

Third Eye Films Clean About Section

The designer continues to elaborate on the company’s global human optics with an “About” section that uses text to explain the otherwise vague political imagery. The text acts as a caveat to the images, which together evoke the full human-to-global optic that informs Third Eye Films works. By creating a page that plays off both text and imagery to create a fuller sense of the company’s brand, the designer has created a more dynamic experience. Users will only fully understand the company by exploring the relationship of every image on the page, making the experience with the “About” page that much more engaging and insightful.

Third Eye Films Clean Website Design

The portfolio of Third Eye Films, seen here, serves as a final legitimization of the brand claims made across the site by its design. Users can watch firsthand the nuanced relationship of humanity and geopolitical conditions that the company is always exploring. Now, more fully than ever, users will understand the impetus of the company and the value of their work. This is the fullest realization of the site’s experience, acting as an excellent closing to the site, while still leaving users wanting more of their powerful films.

Third Eye Films is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Professional Services industries.