The Higher Lower Game Great Homepage

The Higher Lower Game is an interactive web game meant to advertise and showcase the design and experience of the complementary mobile application. This game is tongue-in-cheek and ridiculous fun meant to provide unapologetically audacious entertainment. the design of this home page reflects the low commodity and high frivolity brand of the game. A wacky 3D animation runs in the background, while the large text pulses enticingly, like an ad for a carnival game. This not only serves as a strong intro into the user experience, but also provides a specific brand supporting interface.

The Higher Lower Game Great Website Design

This is the interior interface of the game, and demonstrates how the activity develops and reacts. Users are prompted to guess which of two cultural icons have more monthly search requests. If a user guesses correctly they move on to another round, of not, the experience is over. This mechanic continues to enforce the game’s silly and self consciously superficial thematic evocations. Users engage in a very simple and ever repeating interactive process while engaging with content that runs the fringes of pop culture. The game is silly and unnecessary and it plays this to its brand advantage.

The Higher Lower Game Great Xlscreen

This final interface depicts the xlscreen that appears at the activity’s end. Losers are presented with a score and a random background video that also plays on the outskirts of the zeitgeist. The interface is simple and standard, in every way magnifying the experience and minimizing accessory. This game needs this design scheme. It wouldn't make sense to design this game to look sleek and modern. The designer of this site has demonstrated the need to understand user impression of the content, and how to run with rather than resist this initial impression.This low brow and silly UI synergizes with the similar UX and creates a uniformly branded activity.

The Higher Lower Game is a top website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.