Jagenberg website design

The Jagenberg Website Adds A Splash Of Color Into The Serious Corporate Realm

Jagenberg is a company that provides industrial and corporate solutions like machinery & plants, automation & drives and digital services. Their website is created by The New Atlantic, a digital agency based in Cologne, Germany.

The Jagenberg website design boasts a very dynamic, edgy and contrasting look that elevates it from its peers in the industry. Apart from the monochrome menu bar (with the very thin rainbow bar on top of it, as part of the company’s branding,) the visuals above the fold are conversely color-rich.

The main “culprits” for this are the professional, digitally manipulated photographs that show individuals wielding colorful neon lights. This accompanies the company’s tagline of “Create. Future. Together.” and each of its services.

The colorful affair continues below the fold, where blocks and grids of white and black are met with the brand’s trademark cherry red, as well as blue, green and orange, forming a very unpredictable pattern that poses a welcome element of surprise.

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Jagenberg website design by The New Atlantic

Functional Mega Menus Supply More Visuals And Crucial Links Without Being Overwhelming

Jagenberg website’s main mode of navigation is the top-side menu which, when the visitor starts to scroll, minimizes and stays on-screen the whole time.

Another vital characteristic of this main menu is that it belongs to the type known as mega menu: when the visitors click on one of the four items in the menu, a drop-down menu with more links will open, along with an image for the corresponding section/menu item.

Skilled web designers often use this technique to create a more robust and personable-looking menu, while also providing important points of interest to facilitate the visitor’s user journey towards eventual conversion.

Furthermore, clicking on the plus sign on the left uppermost part reveals an even bigger menu leading to the company line-up and services.

Jagenberg web design

The Custom-Made Font For Jagenberg Website Design Conveys Technology And Futurism

While the Jagenberg corporate logo itself sports a very tailored typography, the website itself consists of a virtually identical font that is quite simple to read and skim through.

The sans-serif font in its default iteration is slim, classy and contemporary – a perfect fit for a tech-themed business. These fonts are widely favored by branding professionals for their clean and modern appearance, making them suitable for conveying a sense of professionalism and sophistication.

It stands out from both the colorful and monochrome backgrounds with its contrasting black and white palette. The font size is just right to be legible, while the actual bits of content never exceed several lines when delivering the selling points and benefits of the company and its services.

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Jagenberg website

Jagenberg’s Content Blocks Simplify The User Journey And Message Retention

The way the written content is laid out on the Jagenberg website makes it quite simple to follow and retain its key messages.

The homepage’s funnel begins with the CEO’s quotation, providing some thought-authority, credibility and trust. This is the only bit of textual content on this part of the screen. Scrolling down reveals the bit with the company’s core values, followed by a job offer bulletin.

The portion of the homepage below is arguably the most important one: three separate sections on machinery & plants, automation & drives and digital solutions. A very brief description accompanies each of these three sections.

Another CEO statement, this time in video format, a company history overview and the company presentation file in the footer conclude the user journey.

Jagenberg web design by The New Atlantic

Jagenberg Website Design Delivers A Cutting-Edge Approach To A Functional and Seamless UX

The New Atlantic's Jagenberg website design embodies a corporate web design for a new age – a design that doesn’t shy away from unorthodox colors, artistic images and proper storytelling.

Its messaging blurs the line between B2B and B2C with the way it tells a story behind the company and offers insight into its services.

The breadth and complexity of the company’s offering are only visible once the visitor clicks through to the actual service pages. They explain in much greater detail what each offering entails but not before going easy on the new visitor once they land on the homepage.

This gradual message enhancement is a very smart move. Otherwise, the visitors might be scared away by all the complex propositions on the homepage.

The uniformity and accomplishment of Jagenberg’s website design reflect a much broader line of work. In The New Atlantic’s own words:

“With the repositioning of the Family Brand Jagenberg Group, TNA gave the identity for the group as well as the established individual companies. The uniform brand presence is reflected in the group’s website, the websites of the individual companies (e.g. Kampf or Lauer,) but also in business equipment, print media, moving images, trade fairs and much more.”

The ease of use, dynamic colors and great messaging are the three main components that won Jagenberg our Best Website Design Award.

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