JetBrains Best Website Design

JetBrains Website Design Creates Innovative Digital Destination

JetBrains is a resource website for web developers, showcasing products to help them create intricate websites. But JetBrains breaks the stereotype of "web development" from the very get-go -- you won't see boring codes and flat, static design here. Instead, JetBrains' digital destination incorporates strong branding and stunning animations in an immersive, alluring website design that makes web development exciting. 

JetBrains Website Homepage Sets The Stage For Strong Brand Identity

Upon landing on the homepage, a solar system-like pattern of lines rotates slowly yet deliberately in the background, signifying the science behind coding but coupling it with modernism. This movement engages users from the get-go, showing visitors that the site -- and its programs -- are anything but boring. Instead, they are fluid, high-tech and helpful to developers.

A bold white sans-serif font implores users to utilize the programs with a visible mission statement, while a smaller, gray font makes up the rest of the visible text. This copy is prominent without overwhelming the page, making the information even more effective.

In the upper left-hand corner, JetBrains' qualifies the website and its identity. Take note of the colorful shape in the background of the logo -- this idea will come into play in various ways throughout the website. 

In fact, colorful geometric shapes are visible as soon as you start scrolling. Unique creations exist for each program featured on JetBrains, creating a seamless brand identity throughout the website. Each program is identifiable by the unique logo design JetBrains has created while also complimenting the business as a whole.

Large, highly-legible font adorns the website, making it simple for users to understand the value of each product. The layout, colors and design all work together harmoniously to build trust with the visitors. 

JetBrains Innovative Website Menu Icons

JetBrains' Website Menu Brands Sections With Unique Logos

A navigation menu is easily accessible at the top of the website. It is incredibly user-friendly, as no clicking is needed -- users just need to roll over the main headers to see their many options. 

UX design is taken to a whole new level as users mouse over the sub-navigation. Here, you'll see the unique color patterns beneath each program logo appear in full technicolor, creating a website-specific mini logo. These icons exist across the entire menu, and reinforce a strong brand identity throughout the website because they are so clearly inspired by the primary logo design and branding.

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JetBrains Website Product Page

JetBrains Implements Trendy Web Design Elements

Throughout the website design, JetBrains implements buzzy design elements that draw users in. Although geometric shapes and subtle animation are seen throughout the website, the most prominent trend they utilize is gradients. 

Gradient colors are tricky to incorporate well -- the bold trend can be reminiscent of the '80s and runs the risk of overwhelming and distracting users. But instead of allowing the fading hues to take over, JetBrains uses gradients as accents. The hues draw attention to programs and logos, and stresses the calls to action. 

The design elements are also surrounded by plenty of white space. Not only does this allow the gradients and animations to stand out without competition, but it ensures that the overall content throughout the website is easy to read and retain. 

JetBrains Top Website Design Product Page

The Website Design Demonstrates Value Of Products

The product pages balance bold design with negative space well -- with the help of copious white backgrounds, in particular. Despite the breadth of information JetBrains needs to cover for each complex program's details page, the website outlines it in a minimal, instructional manner. Screenshots of coding and clear diagrams display them with clarity, making every feature, benefit and use easy to understand. 

The benefits of each product are further highlighted with individual testimonials. Not only does this improve the already strong messaging employed, but it continues to build confidence in the business in general. Personal reviews of programs (and the company as a whole, if you're on the homepage) add credibility to a digital website. 

JetBrains Website Informs With User-Friendly Design

All in all, JetBrains created an effective website design that captures potential users. The design utilizes bold elements but balances them with white space and simple text. The design is not overwhelming like other development websites -- and certainly not boring. 

Most importantly, JetBrains has consistent branding on every page. From creative gradients to signature swoops of color, the website is colorful but rooted in a single identity.

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