Zest Colorful Homepage

Zest is an exciting and creative way for marketers to network with other marketers by discovering and sharing top-of-the-line content. The whimsical landing page for Zest is kept lighthearted with animations and minimal content. A diagonal left to right gradient of vibrant yellow to vivid purple makes the page pop incredibly in combination with the white sans serif font.

The company keeps the presented information condensed and minimal across the board. With a hamburger menu accessible from the upper right corner, marketing specialists are able to dive into what Zest is and how to utilize its assets to their benefit. With a deep scroll format, users can view pictures, data, and testimonials about Zest and how it has helped others.

Zest Colorful Product Page

After scrolling down the page, users can learn how to download Zest. Helpful animations play automatically to demonstrate the process, enhancing the website’s UI.

Here, the colorful platform introduces marketers to Zest’s Google Chrome extension, and the company takes all the complications out of using the resource. Accessible on every single page, all marketing specialists have to do is press the button, “Add Zest New Tab to Chrome,” and the installation process is quick and simple.

Zest Colorful Website Design

Once the extension is installed, marketers simply have to open a new browser tab in Google Chrome in order to see the benefits of Zest. A new tab brings up a long line of marketing articles for users to browse through. From here, users are able to peruse articles with a number of options on how to organize them. They can save articles they are interested in, move the articles over to Trello, post a comment, or even share them on a number of social media sites. These opportunities improve the UX of the design, ensuring that users can customize their own interactions with Zest. The page of articles uses an infinite scroll to keep a constant stream of articles available for viewing.

Zest Colorful About Page

Zest offers a fun and enticing way for marketing specialists to see what’s new in the world of product development, as well as with the company that created it. A picture-only social timeline tells the story of how Zest came to develop from the very moment the idea was conceived. The pictures don’t come with descriptions, so users can have fun by captioning the photos themselves.

As a whole, Zest’s colorful site aims to introduce users to their Chrome extension. Steady organization and informative articles work together to develop Zest’s image—one that potential marketers can depend on for helpful information.

Zest is a colorful website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.