Sons of Gallipoli Documentary Website

“Sons of Gallipoli” is a documentary that tells the story of the battle of Gallipoli from the viewpoints of two different women, many years later.

The group behind the website brought together a wealth of information to educate users about the events of the time, as well as the absolute loss that is still felt on both sides of this terrible conflict.

From the moment users reach the landing page they can feel the dramatic atmosphere that fills the site.

An air of historical importance surrounds the hero image, which features a call to action button in the center of the full-screen page that prompts users to watch the documentary.

The storytelling aspect is very entrancing, drawing users right into the events being described, as well as the feelings of those involved.

A hamburger menu on the left allows users to select a section to visit, which lead either to a further fly-out menu section where they can scroll through chapters or to a direct page where they can find further information, such as the extensive archives.

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Sons of Gallipoli Emotional Web Design

The archives are presented in parallax and the effects used are quite appropriate, as they allows users to peek back in time. The page itself is filled with photography that leads to clean pages outlining events in different areas during the conflict of that era.

Pictures of people, letters, news articles, and more adorn the page, making it quite the gallery of historical artifacts in digital form. The page provides users with a very personal view of history and possesses an easy-to-use UI that has been created with an outstanding UX in mind. Users can learn a great deal about the conflict and feel closer to those who lived in that era.

Overall, the site has a wealth of information, a truly intuitive UI, and provides a UX that is both unique and educational. In addition, the outstanding videography provides a feeling of inclusion and adds to the emotion of the website. 

Sons of Gallipoli is an amazing website design in the Entertainment and Arts & Recreation industries. 

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