KTW Professional Homepage

Behind every project, movement, and venture is one basic tool: money. Economics makes the world go round, and a simple investment can change the course of history. One Polish firm knows the power of money when it is placed in the right projects, and they seek to invest in the kinds of land and urban developments sure to benefit generations to come. Their newest project—KTW—has a web presence all to itself, highlighting its beauty, design, process, and backing investors.

Featuring glossy images and blueprints, this website emphasizes the clean elegance, technological prowess, and sleek designs central to the KTW development project. The home page exhibits a cyclical slideshow of striking panoramas and stunning cityscapes. The high-resolution, fullscreen images are wonderfully enticing, ensuring that users of all interests will want to continue browsing through the site’s contents.

Everything on the home screen and across the rest of the site is contrasted by deep navy blue page borders and menu options. The bronze and white accents and fonts are reflected in the depictions of streets and lights in each photograph.

KTW Professional Website Design

By using an array of interactive elements, KTW’s website design mimics an actual showing of the new building. Layouts are engaging, and they use text box movements and color contrasts to direct the eye. Users will find navigation relatively easy thanks to a menu that pops out from the left sidebar, and they’ll stay interested when page headings rush into the space a moment later. Bronze underlining fills the white regions beneath subtitles, and a thin font moves numbers that count up population sizes in the metropolitan area surrounding the new building.

Across the site, users can discover galleries of conferences and development projects by easily scrolling pages of rectangular, hyperlinked thumbnails that open to in-depth slideshows or video content. Images zoom in just slightly when users hover. Much like the beautiful modern architecture found in the photographs throughout the site, sharp angles, clean accent lines, and overlapping shapes create a more elegant, three-dimensional experience. From beginning to end, the site’s architecture and detailed design keep the user’s interest and reflect a clean professionalism.

KTW is a professional website design in the Architecture industry.