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Land Rover’s Website Design Emphasizes The User & Their Journey

Land Rover is an automotive brand that specializes in vehicles with four-wheel drive. Land Rover first came onto the scene in 1948, when it was owned by the Rover Company in the United Kingdom. Since then, it has changed hands but has held the same regal and dependable quality it had when it first hit the scene in the 20th century.

Land Rover is one of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing, with vehicles known for their dependability, strength, toughness and trust. They are cars that last. Cars that can take you places. Cars that you can rely on.

Land Rover understands its audience, and has kept a relatively similar brand message throughout its years — a rough and tumble car that can get the job done. And their website matches this messaging, keeping its audience in mind.

One of the things that make Land Rover a great brand is their versatility. However, this does not just refer to the solid and dependable vehicles they produce!

Land Rover’s website puts its customers first. It knows what they’re looking for and gives it to them with ease. Their website is beautifully designed, easy to navigate and fun to play around with.

There are a number of design elements that make this website one that stands out — which is a good thing, considering these cars refuse to be ignored.

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Land Rover Website Design Product Page

The Land Rover Site Uses Clickable Icons & Eye-Catching Visuals To Guide Users Through Their Buyer’s Journey

The landing page of the Land Rover website design is designed with interaction in mind. The main banner has a great slideshow feature that you can either allow to slide through on its own, or you can click on the provided arrows for faster browsing through the slides. Each slide has a call to action button as well, letting users navigate to further information at the click of a button.

The video banner is also well-done, with plenty of animation, action, and interest to draw in users and make the UX truly fun. This mixes very well with the color scheme of white, black, and slate gray, which creates an austere feeling that suits the brand, considering its classic style and origins.

There’s a nice use of icons which is visually-striking and approachable. The CTAs that follow are clear and action-driving.

Scrolling down the pages and along the user path, you’re met with a seamless and fluid journey. There’s a perfect amount of detail and imagery in each step. And this is imagery the user actually wants to see.

They want to see key features and functionalities. They want to see how many seats are in a car and how much storage space they have. Land Rover knows what its consumers want and gives it to them.

These wonderful visuals put users on a path through the website, allowing them to get better, access to products, get in-depth understandings of how they work for them and where to go from there.

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Land Rover Product Features Page Website Design

Land Rover's Web Design Understands Its Audience & Shows Them The Features They Want Through Powerful Images & Consistent Messaging

Land Rover does a better job at understanding what a consumer wants and what goes into a consumer’s decision-making process. You see this through its emphasis on full vehicle shots, overhead images and attention to specific car details.

Through powerful, high-def images and informative, minimal copy, Land Rover effectively highlights key features that the user is searching for — whether it’s on the home page, on a product page or on the contact page.

The Contact page is very clean, bordering on minimal. A solid selection of images helps to break up the stark white background and also draws attention to the text underneath each image. Plenty of hyperlinks lead potential consumers to pages that outline the Online Service History, Dealerships Locations and other informative pages, which creates a well-rounded UX and linked UI.

Land Rover know what information the users want — contact information, locations and key features. And it gives them to them through an intuitive UX. Explore key features, the interior, the exterior and even build your own car through interactive functionalities.

Search inventories are seamless and the process of getting from the homepage to the “buy” page takes only a few clicks. CTAs are big and bold — matching the images that pair so beautifully with the entire journey this website takes consumers on.

Land Rover Homepage Vehicle

Land Rover’s Website Stands Strong In Its Commitment To Its Audience

The fun and dynamic website design plays into the versatile and adventurous history of the Land Rover brand well. Overall, this best design draws visitors to learn more and check out the great products they've featured in lower sections of the page. Each section is quite distinct in its division, with either a border or color block background to define the section.

The layout, imagery and user-focused aspects of this website suit the brand quite well, as the Land Rover brand has become a classic favorite that can be found in many different neighborhoods and cities. The clean lines, great organization, and a wide variety of images showcase the many uses of these vehicles to the best possible end. Plus, the color scheme keeps to a neutral but versatile tone that lends a very refined quality to a classic image.

This website design blows other automotive competitors out of the water. It’s fun, interactive and intuitive — giving consumers all the information they want, and then some.

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