Lexus Corporate Homepage

As one of the world leaders in luxury vehicles, Lexus seeks to emulate this image of elegance through their website. The dark, yet clean aesthetic of the homepage captures the sophistication of Lexus’ vehicles through high resolution pictures. The photos of the cars are certainly the focal point of the webpage, allowing the product to shine. The text on the page is limited to short titles in an understated, sans serif font.

Although there is a static, horizontal menu at the top of the screen, the pictures also help you to navigate the website. The images respond to the user, enlarging in size and revealing more text as the cursor hovers over each picture. This disappearing text is a great way to save space on a homepage, without sacrificing content, enhancing both UX and UI.

The single illustration on the homepage is a percentage symbol. Being the sole illustration, the user’s eye is instantly drawn to it. The promise of savings implied by a percentage sign entices the reader into clicking, leading them to a page where they can find deals in their area.

Lexus Corporate Website Design

The landing pages for the different vehicle models echo the dark colors and simplicity of the homepage. Each landing page spotlights a customization feature, which grants the user the opportunity to design their dream car. Photos of the interior are taken from the driver’s perspective, creating a feeling of actually sitting in the car.

A slider in the middle of the page allows the user to click through reviews of the vehicle from prestigious organizations and news sources, serving to reinforce the excellence of the vehicle as well as the authority of the brand. Further down, an interactive map locates the closest dealership and presents offers, creating amazing ease of access to the product.  

The sleek and easily navigable nature of the Lexus website would certainly appeal to the lover of luxury vehicles. Everyone loves to imagine themselves living a life of luxury. With Lexus’ deal page and interactive customization features, it’s easy for the user to imagine themselves in a Lexus. Getting those creative wheels turning is the first step towards inspiring a purchase.

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