Bentley Kyiv Great Homepage

Bentley Kyiv is a high-end car dealer that focuses on providing consumers with a full bodied luxury experience. They want consumers to feel like they are wrapped in Comfort and have obtained a status that they would help to replicate throughout their lives.

By associating their vehicles with a lifestyle of active luxury this car dealer hopes to sell vehicles on the idea that they can change your life. This homepage demonstrates this dealer's appreciation for the impact of vehicles by focusing on the power of the car in motion.

We see the car moving about a daily commute in a bustling city, yet the vehicle itself still exudes luxury and prestige. This image perpetuates the idea that this dealer's product will infect every moment of your life with a powerful luxury and comfort.

This demonstrates how every designer needs to think long and hard about image selection. This single image effectively speaks to everything that the dealer hopes to provide in their product and their shopping experience.

Bentley Kyiv Great Product Page

The next page continues the same approach as the homepage but introduces some new functionality and salesmanship. They take yet another image of a car in motion, seemingly blazing the trails towards some far-off destination, but now they've introduced a more utilitarian interface.

The image again exudes the idea of lifelong luxury, and the shopping interface enables users to attain this life immediately. Aesthetic and interface unify to create an effective selling experience.

Bentley Kyiv Great Website Design

This final page comes at the end of this site's single page layout. Users will have scrolled through the entirety of the site before reaching this page, which advertises several vehicle accessories. This provides a wildly effective button on the shopping experience thus far.

After browsing the dealer's catalog of vehicles, and becoming infected with the associated lifestyle, they can now purchase small trinkets that will enhance this lifestyle even more. This designer has built a truly intelligent experience that unfolds in the best way possible to enable brand centric salesmanship.

Bentley Kyiv is a great website design in the Automotive and E-commerce & Retail industries.