Lush Elegant Homepage

Treat yourself to some alone time and a hot bath, but this time make it lush-ious! Let yourself indulge in one of Lush’s many fresh, handmade products meant to pamper and spoil!

An eclectic array of colors swirls before your eyes as you come to Lush’s home page. Stunning imagery of their product in use froths up in an abstract display combined with a vivid white invitation to enjoy in one of their latest products. The site continues to introduce you to the company’s latest line as you scroll. Well-defined product photographs are lined up neatly in a grid format.

The use of a white background truly makes the vibrant color choices within each product pop on the page, catching your attention and drawing your eyes over the entirety of the page. The choice to use such a colorful display as the very start to your journey into Lush is the perfect way to captivate while building interest on what the latest products are.

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Lush Elegant About Page

Lush comes from humble roots and has come a long way since they started as a company. Instead of taking a simplistic approach to sharing their story, they tag it! That is, they present you with a wide number of articles that cover the different aspects of their journey over the years. It’s a uniquely impressive approach as it allows you to pick and choose what parts of the company you want to learn about. Follow the tag to see each and every article written so far lined up down the page for you.

Stunning teaser images are arranged in different sizes per row, drawing upon their own color schemes that don’t coordinate with one another, while titles can’t be missed with their big and bold font choice. Articles are neatly organized on the page in a simple grid that allows you the ability to move between articles with ease.

Additionally, the lack of coloring in the background makes sure the teaser images of the articles are what hold your attention. It’s a highly effective and minimal design approach that gives each article the chance to vie for your attention on its own.

Lush brings each page to life before the user’s eyes through the use of brightly colored images and a plain background. It creates a pleasant atmosphere for users to dive into and find what products are right for them!

Lush is an elegant website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.

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