Victoria Spicer Minimal Homepage

What began with a passion for the fine arts eventually led London artist Victoria Spicer into film and advertising, before she eventually emerged as a talented set designer. This personalized website cleverly echoes Spicer’s own ability to create from what she calls, “The most magnificent to the seemingly mundane.”

By placing the textured images of her work against slick, pastel backdrops, the site skillfully highlights each of her unique designs. Stark black arrows smoothly direct users through projects and pages, enabling a minimalistic approach to viewing her work.

Victoria Spicer Minimal Gallery Design

Displaying an eclectic array of her intriguing art, the site uses a common theme to pull it all together: a small dot. Designers used a small black or blue dot, like the one crowning letters in the artist’s name, to provide consistency throughout the site.

The dot creatively leads users through pages and loading screens, while also being a multifunctional design piece. When clicked, the dot allows easy access to zoomed-in images of each of the artist’s works.

Victoria Spicer Minimal About Page

Minimalistic design also enhances the main attraction of the site by employing a limited amount of written content and text movement to direct users through the art. Site designers ensured that features never detract from photographs, but provide coherent text and visual elements across project pages.

Users know what to expect throughout the experience, and the composition maintains a creative, colorful flare without overtaking Spicer’s set design images. The site structure of this personalized space allows her art to speak for itself.

Victoria Spicer is a minimal website design in the Advertising, Fashion & Beauty and Professional Services industries.