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Apple’s Sleek Website Utilizes Modern And Minimal Design Trends

Apple is a powerhouse in the tech industry, creating products that have captivated users for decades. What started out as a brand focused solely on the creation of personal computer hardware has transformed into one that has taken the world by storm, with innovations, technologies and trendsetting campaigns that have set the stage for other companies and brands in the field.

And one reason for all of this success is its effective and modern digital presence.

The Apple website is minimal, sleek and stunning — it’s made up of a monochromatic color palette of greys, whites and blacks. This allows for the simple text and bold product imagery to quite literally pop from the screen.

Apple is a modern brand with innovative and cutting-edge products. And that same essence is infused into its web design, using an extensive amount of white space and infusing subtle design elements to create a design that focuses heavily on minimalism.

Although Apple's website is not the first to jump on this trend, many accomplished web design agencies infused the brand's distinct take on clean minimalism and technical excellence in their own projects.

This web design mirrors the futuristic products in their look, feel and industry leadership. But the design, in its simplicity and sophistication, also capitalizes on modern design trends in a way that shows its innate understanding of the consumer landscape and its audience as a whole.

Minimalism is in — you’ve probably noticed the many modern, minimal and sleek websites we’ve featured recently all with similar design elements and organizational layouts. And that’s because minimalism engages. Minimalism sells. Minimalism is popular across all design categories — it creates a serene user experience and leads consumers on a journey that excites.

Apple is a brand that understands their consumers intuitively, providing them not only with products that will make their lives easier and more exciting but with an overall brand experience that they immediately want to interact with.

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Apple Bold Website Design

Apple Organizes A Vast Amount of Information In a Comprehensive And Engaging Way

Try using just a few keywords to describe one of the biggest technology brands in the world. For some, this feels like an impossible task, but for major brands, it’s essential. And it’s something that Apple has been able to deliver consistently, and without fail, since the ‘90s.

So, how would we describe the monster tech company’s website? In three words: organized, clean, and efficient.

For starters, Apple’s homepage features a simple, horizontal navigation bar at the top, with clear and concise menu buttons: the Apple logo, which doubles as a homepage button, Mac for computers, iPad for iPads, iPhone for iPhones, Watch for watches, TV for TV shows, and well, you get the picture.

Directly below the sleek navigation bar is a full-screen image that runs to the fold.

Currently, Apple is using a slider, allowing the user to see three of its top products. These images are bold and in-your-face, taking up almost all of the space above the fold and putting users in direct contact with the brand’s stunning and industry-leading products.

Below the fold, Apple introduces even more product images accompanied by cleanly-organized information. But by keeping this information contained within a grid, the brand effectively organizes content and reduces clutter in a visually-appealing way.

These elements repeat throughout each of the product pages: there’s a navigation bar at the top of the header, sliding hero images, smaller grid images and product information all organized in a sleek and stunning pattern. This layout effectively creates a reverse pyramid structure to organize content and information, also working to keep branding consistent, deliberate and straightforward.

Professional branding companies will often point to Apple's signature visuals as a go-to solution to convey both the company's values and integral information, which is why many aim to emulate the brand's unique approach.

Put simply, a good image equals a good first impression. Plus, putting an emphasis on the images helps minimize text and reduce clutter.

This is a way for the brand to keep information clear and concise, providing users with all of the specs and technical details they might be looking for, but organizing it in a way that allows them to learn and discover at their own pace.

Apple Minimal Product Page

Visitors Are Welcomed By A Stunning User Experience With The Help Of Intuitive Navigation Tools

A serene and pleasing user experience is a great way to lure users in and keep consumers engaged with your design. And there are a number of different elements that go into creating this stunning, user-friendly platform.

But one thing that helps streamline the buyer’s journey and create a captivating design is the integration of intuitive navigation tools — from clever icons to comprehensive menu bars.

And the Apple website uses these tools to its advantage.

Apple uses bold product shots, interactive video and design elements and exciting animations to lead users throughout the site. But it’s not just these visual elements that steal the show and create a peaceful experience.

Beyond photos, videos, and clever animations, Apple relies on the use of sleek logos to replace text-heavy sub-navigation menus. And this is another, subtle way to promote the brand in an almost subconscious way to its audience.

Take, for example, each of the products that fall under the Mac navigation tab — MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, the list goes on. Rather than relying on a boring vertical drop menu, Apple has created a second horizontal navbar, which relies on the use of logos for each product. This is yet another clever branding play, which helps keep things clean and organized.

But it’s also a way for the brand to help lead users on a journey, outlining a clear path to the checkout page. The icons that line the sub-navigation menus are intuitive and clear, making it obvious for visitors to find the pages and information they’re looking for.

And this ease of navigation truly strikes a chord within the user, answering all of their questions before they’ve even thought to ask them.

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Apple Best Menu Design

Consistent Branding Puts Apple’s Authority In The Industry Front And Center

From the second you land on the homepage to the second you get to the checkout screen, you’re met with the same Apple branding — whether it’s in the form of a color palette, organization pattern, clever icon or product image.

Take for example the interactive gallery that’s been created for the Apple Watch series 2. A quick animation flashes to draw the user in. Then a crisp, clear image of the watch takes the center. The user can now click on various color schemes to swipe and see exactly what their customized watch will look like. Users can then use the same functions to explore different faces and cases.

But even with the integration of an engaging and interactive element, the brand keeps its branding consistent and clear, infusing the same elements throughout in order to give users a comprehensive user experience.

Branding is vital when it comes to design and e-commerce. Consumers want a consistent experience — whether they’re in Apple stores, using their iPhones or on the Apple website.

Brand identity is what consumers see, and it's what consumers are interacting with. You could have the best products and the greatest technology, but if your branding is inconsistent, unclear or disorganized, consumers won’t know how to interact with you — and they likely won’t want to.

But Apple is a winner in the branding category, leveraging its name and reputation to align itself as an authoritative leader not only in the smartphone industry but across a variety of technological niches.

Apple Top Website Design

The History Of Apple And Its Iconic Products

Apple is a tech company that was founded in 1976 by three founding members — Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The global powerhouse is headquartered in Cupertino, California — anyone with an Apple device knows this thanks to the ‘Weather’ app, thanks to Apple.

But like we’ve said before, their reach and scope span the world over.

The brand’s first product was the Apple I personal computer. It was a growing success, with the demand for personal computers growing and sales increasing. But as other competitors jumped on the bandwagon, sales went stagnant. Apple computers were priced higher than competitors and consumers quickly flocked to cheaper options.

Microsoft was becoming a popular option, with operating systems that weren’t compatible with these Apple computers, kickstarting a domino effect within the Apple organization that led to new software, new hardware, the company going public and an exciting new marketing campaign aimed at exciting audiences.

And it worked — today, Apple is the world’s largest and most influential IT company and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones. But it didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen without a few bumps in the road.

But there’s something to learn from Apple’s resilience and strength. They clearly understood their products and quickly learned how to understand their audiences and give them the experience that they wanted.

Apple’s User-Friendly Platform Showcases The Brand's Authority

You might think that we’d need to spend pages upon pages delving into the brilliance behind Apple’s web design. But the truth is that the company’s minimalism is what packs all the punch.

By keeping their designs organized, clean, and efficient, the company has launched some of the most influential UX/UI elements on the web. It’s as simple as that.

And their online presence is no different. By integrating modern and minimal design elements, they’ve put the main focus on the brand’s products, giving users the information they need, where they need it and with ease.

This sleek and sophisticated website uses a clean layout, intuitive navigation tools and consistent branding to create an air of authority in its design, promoting its excellence to any and all who land on the web design.

Apple is a leader in its industry — but it’s a leader in web design as well. And this platform is evidence of that.

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