Matthieu Mamert Organized Website

Matthieu Mamert is a fan of simplicity, a lover of design, and just the guy you need for your design project. Don’t let the minimalistic approach to the website fool you -- there’s nothing simple about the projects Matthieu Mamert puts out.

The white backdrop of the homepage eliminates distractions and pulls all the focus to the creative “hello” employed by the site. The bright blue words stand out in the introduction, creating a vibrant website design.

A creatively-rotating scroll of fun facts about Matthieu Mamert adds a whimsical feel to the page. Only adding to this is the use of pale geometric animations moving aimlessly about the site. The fun web design speaks to the minimalist atmosphere while remaining entertaining.

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Matthieu Mamert Unique Website Design

Ready to dive into Matthieu Mamert’s portfolio? Scroll down the homepage, where users are given access to a number of dynamic portfolio pieces. While the pages are colored and designed based on the project specifications, each page maintains a wide negative space to differentiate various details of the project from start to finish. This style choice leads to the page needing a deep scroll so that each aspect of the project is adequately represented.

Adding a unique touch, the website creates a roadmap down the portfolio page. Swirls in one color will guide you down the page on an adventure, stopping at each project aspect. The numerical value added at each stop showcases the order in which the intricate project was created and challenges you to follow the process thinking.

Minimalism is the key to a simplistic, message-focused platform for Matthieu Mamert. Beautifully bright wording and a well-laid-out portfolio create a strong site to entice and engage users.

Matthieu Mamert is a minimal website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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