Matter Of Mind Awesome Homepage

With their focus on being creative in a way no one else is, Matter Of Mind makes use of a simple but dynamic logo effect as a way to introduce potential clients to their website.

The three-dimensional logo is centered on the page in front of a gorgeous pink negative space. The pink is texturized with a highly-fine grain effect that gives the background a similar effect to snow on an old television. As potential clients move their cursor, the logo shifts from side to side, up and down, and more in response.

Made immediately available on the homepage, potential clients will find the menu spread out across the entire page.

Two pages are lined up along the sides of the page vertically for access, while three more pages are centered horizontally on the page with the logo. The appearance is different and creative, forcing the user's eye to travel across the span of the page.

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Matter Of Mind Awesome Gallery Page

Matter Of Mind showcases their creative design skills within their About section, using visuals to assist in the words they use to describe their company’s skills to potential clients. Combining soft pink accents with a black, bold sans serif font over a white negative space makes each segment pop vibrantly on the page.

Within the Portfolio page, the company showcases samples of their work as a visual reprieve against just words.

Due to the diversity of what Matter Of Mind can do, the company embeds a secondary menu within the page for potential clients to utilize. Each portfolio piece is tagged based on the services rendered for the project. Using the menu, site visitors are able to open a specific set of tagged images for an easier organization of projects.

Matter Of Mind Awesome About Page

The use of effects is a wonderful way for Matter Of Mind to showcase the various skills they have to offer their potential clients. Through learning about the company, site users are immersed into a number of effects to guide them through the page.

The dark negative space takes on the same grainy appearance as previously used, creating a static effect. Words and illustrations in white and red stick out on the page as potential clients scroll, making use of the vertical slider. Each segment flies up from the bottom right or the bottom left in a whimsical effect, keeping visitors guessing as to where the next words are going to come from.

Matter Of Mind is an awesome website design in the Professional Services industry. 

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