Ui Unicorn Beautiful Homepage

From graphic design to branding, Ui Unicorn has their clients covered with their professional services. They create social media posts, websites, and more to help boost audience reach and engagement for their clients.

Their home page is a one-of-a-kind design, and the animation already gives users a hint of the uniqueness Ui Unicorn encompasses. The main page is like a door to possibilities as users must click on a button to access full website features—a creative spin on getting an audience interested in the available services the company offers.

Ui Unicorn Beautiful Gallery

If users didn’t already get an eerie, unique feeling from the home page, then they will from the menu slider. The website is dark with a consistent pitch-black background. Most animations and lettering are white, presenting a bleak and mostly colorless display. However, it’s this type of shadowy theme that makes the site mysterious and, therefore, fascinating. Even the moving animations used to represent the menu items are interesting to anyone who has a curiosity in abnormal creations. These creepy faces and blobs are sure to grab a viewer’s attention, to say the least.

Ui Unicorn Beautiful Portfolio

There are splashes of color on the video animations’ portfolio page. If the unusual vibe of the site makes users unsure about hiring Ui Unicorn for their services, then the animation videos will set them in the right direction. Each video is uniquely created with different styles to match what the client is looking for. The movements and special effects are crisp and nicely detailed, even for real video footage. All in all, their work sample design page proves that Ui Unicorn is not limited to styles, techniques, or special requests.

Ui Unicorn Beautiful Website Design

Ui Unicorn’s contact page is direct, and it follows the dark theme of the rest of the site. However, the words are extremely clear in their bright white font. Conveniently for the viewer, intuitive links are provided for highlighting Ui Unicorn’s services in case they need to be looked over again. The layout is very basic and easy enough for even those who are not computer savvy.

Overall, Ui Unicorn is readily available to help clients promote their products and services, effectively reach audiences, and develop digital content that is interactive, informative, and stands out against competitors. With just a glance of Ui Unicorn’s site, users can see from the inimitable designs, animation, and straightforward functionality that the company’s ideas are formed outside of typical creative thinking processes.

Ui Unicorn is a beautiful website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.