Metaliquid Awesome Homepage

Artificial intelligence is a bit of buzz term right now. Famous minds in the tech industry like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Elon Musk (Tesla) are discussing the future of AI. While they’re discussing, Metaliquid is making major strides forward.

The landing page of Metaliquid is clean and offers some interactivity. First, your eye is immediately drawn to the bright yellow text which immediately and concisely describes what Metaliquid does. This is incredibly important because Metaliquid is not a household name and what they do is not exactly intuitive or clear to casual viewers. You’ll also notice the space that prompts you to hold the spacebar. It was a small bit of interaction but it served to really give the website a feeling of responsiveness to user input.

Metaliquid Awesome Video Display

There are two options on the main page. You can either watch a video or go to the overview. The video takes up the entire page and is very well done. It gives viewers an idea of how Metaliquid works and starts with some basic explanation. Again, most people are probably not aware of what AI can do and this video clearly understands the varying experience of the audience.

Metaliquid Awesome About Page

The overview page is very nice with a great mixture of clean design and animation. The background looks like a neural network and electrical impulses bounce around the page, ducking in and out behind the images and text.

That small, simple animation gives the website a feeling of depth and layers. Again, Metaliquid starts with some simple information to explain their product to casual visitors with the information becoming more complex as you scroll further. The designers were careful not to present too much text at once. Rather, everything is presented in smaller, easy-to-digest blocks. Moving through the site and the information feels very intuitive.

This great website is a perfect example of how to make a complex technology presentable to the average person. It uses clean, easy-to-read typography, video, photos, and small chunks of text information to help educate people rather than force visitors to educate themselves on the fly. As technology becomes more and more advanced, website designers will need to be conscious of how they put forward information to visitors; much like Metaliquid has.

Metaliquid is an awesome website design in the Entertainment and Technology industries.